Cosmics Virtual Winter Challenge

November 2020

Hello Cosmics

As there is not much in the way of real racing going on just now here is the Cosmics virtual winter challenge

1) There will be one "virtual race" per month through Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and March
2) You need to join the Strava group "Cosmics virtual winter challenge"
3) You can have as many goes as you like at the course and then at the end of the month for that particular course please email me with your name, age category and your best time for the route and the date that you ran it.
4) There may or may not be prizes. TBC
5) Photos, reports and summit selfies on the club Facebook page are always welcome.
6) All runs must be done ALONE!
7) Some will be established race routes and some may not be.
8) There will be extra kudos for night attempts.

November's race route is the El Brimick hill race - map attached
You have until Sunday 6th December to run this route and record your time and let me know.

If Covid travel rules change at any point then there will be 2 different courses set out, one for those in the city and one for those in the shire. 



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Cosmics Virtual Winter Challenge
El-Brim-Ick route map