Cosmic Championship

The Cosmic Championship 2021 will be decided on the 3 best results out of a selection of races. The intention is to use the list of races below, but this will have to be amended as the Covid19 situation develops.  You must complete at least 3 races to count in the championship. The leading Cosmic is awarded 25 points, and subsequent Cosmics 24, 23, 22 points etc. The selected races are:

  • Potarch night race (February)
  • Krunce no. 1 (April)
  • Scolty (April)
  • Pressendye (May)
  • Hill of Fare (June)
  • Clashmach Hill (July)
  • Tom na Bat (July)
  • Ben Rinnes (July)
  • Glenshee 9 (August)
  • Tap o'Noth (August)
  • Tom's Cairn (September)
  • Cairn William (September)
  • Morven (October)
  • Meall a'Bhuachaille (October)
Final Championship Standings for 2019 .


2019 Cosmic Championship Results

  • OPEN: Clyde Williamson
  • MV40: Jason Williamson (Chris Tomlin memorial trophy)
  • MV50: Ian Hamilton
  • MV60: Phil Kammer
  • MV70: Rod Campbell
  • WOMEN: Veronique Oldham
  • FV40: Fiona McDonald
  • FV50: Veronique Oldham
Ian Hamilton receives the V50 trophy from Ewen Rennie
Ian Hamilton receives the 2019 V50 trophy from Ewen Rennie