Louise's Update 16 June

June 2020

Hello Cosmics

The results of the lockdown Everest challenge are complete and are in the table below.
Well done all!
(actually i havent heard of some of these folk but they are on the Cosmics strava page)


1Alan Cormack50,650

1Richard Bannister33,989EverestK2Kangchenjuna
2Ally Sutherland31,277EverestK2Kangchenjuna
3William Nicolson15,615Everest

4Graeme Lormie14,529Everest

5Lesley Clark10,694Everest

6Louise Provan10,369Everest

7Simon Bains10,145Everest

8Neil Easton9,167Everest

9Gillian Clunas8,880Everest

10Jonathan Bellarby8,610Manaslu

11Charlotte Dodge7,961Peak Lenin

12Linda Smith7,396Peak Lenin

13James Wheater7,175Peak Lenin

14Lauren Anderson6,581Island Peak

15Christopher Mills6,020Kilimanjaro

16Hugh Robertson5,970Kilimanjaro

17Sam Gomersall5,881Elbrus

18Paul Webb5,703Elbrus

19Derek Johnstone5,688Elbrus

20Mark Stockton5,433Mont Blanc

21Tina McLeod5,074Mont Blanc

22Mike Raffan4,889Mont Blanc

23John Mitchell4,604Matterhorn

24Rebecca Bryce4,254Eiger

25Stewart Melvin4,070Eiger

26Brian Davie3,954Alplihorn

27Graeme Cumming3,701Alplihorn

28Pete McIntosh3,654Alplihorn

29Rolfe Hare3,410Alplihorn

30Yoann D3,219Alplihorn

31Hannah Kennedy3,002L'Aiguille Rouge

32Joe Saunders2,877L'Aiguille Rouge

33Rob Irvine2,782L'Aiguille Rouge

34Dennis McDonald2,404Pico Ruivo

35Kerr Nelson2,378Pico Ruivo

36Marc Herbert2,330Pico Ruivo

37Ali Robertson2,157Pico Ruivo

38Simon Pearce1,779Ben Nevis

39Corri Black1,751Ben Nevis

40Steve Helmore1,580Ben Nevis

41Craig Miller1,490Ben Nevis

42Lyndsay McEwan1,439Ben Nevis

43Luke Norris1,307Cairngorm

44Colleen Craig1,248Cairngorm

45Patrick Duncan1,187Snowdon

46Matt Brettle1,135Snowdon

47James Boyle826Clachnaben

48yiannis Tsoutis800Clachnaben

49Kev Harper644Clachnaben

50Neil Morgan515Scolty

51Fiona McDonald499Scolty

52Colin Russell484Scolty

53Callum Anderson419Scolty

54Josephine Bjorkqvist406Scolty

55Andrew McMurtrie370Scolty

56Alistair Clarke326Scolty

57Mike Stone299Scolty

58Gary Gutteridge286Brimmond

59Donna Stewart251Elrick

60Clive Matthews250Elrick

61Bethan Nadin239Elrick

62Ian Jewitt238Elrick

63Dee Matthew237Elrick

64Sophia Gerald181Kincorth

65Eoannis Chiutis153Kincorth

In the other Cosmics challenge we have had a fine bit of wombling going on with Larmour womble, McDonald womble and Colegrave womble doing Cosmics proud. They are also following in the footsteps of Ewen "Uncle Bulgaria" Womble who litter picks at parkrun most Saturdays.

Has anyone had a go at the beer challenge yet...?

There is also now a virtual hill running challenge organised by SAL if anyone fancies that for a bit of entertainment this weekend. Link below....

I believe there may be another review of the lockdown rules this week so maybe we will be a step closer to getting back out on the hills so i will refrain from setting anymore challenges etc just yet but I noticed on the Run Aberdeen Facebook page yesterday a post saying that apparently the barriers across the car parks at Kirkhill and at Countesswells have been put back in place.

In other news

Alan Cormack, Graeme Lormie and Ally Sutherland have all been doing the virtual West Highland Way race - Graeme and Ally running it in stages and Alan doing all 160km in one run. That also gives Alan a bronze medal in the "unlocked ultra" competition organised by Mark Cockbain.

Rod and Sue have been picking off random trig points and Ian Hamilton and Steve Helmore are doing some epic trig point hunting by bike!

And something to keep you amused...are you all really bored with lockdown yet??

and for something to raise a smile...

See you on saturday at 12.30pm for virtual post run coffee and cakes!!


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