Louise's Update 1 June

June 2020

Hello Cosmics

Well done to Alan Cormack for his completion of "The Accumulator" another amazing achievement following on from his COVID19 19 miles for 19 days challenge. His running shoes saw their end on the top of a funeral pyre.

Ally Sutherland also appears to be running a marathon every day but i'm not yet sure what challenge this one is. Anyone know?

Quite a few other people have been targeting those trigs, megaliths and marchstones (and consumption dykes!). If you are bored and looking for new running challenges let me know as i have some ideas.
Has anyone been swimming or kayaking yet.....?

So the beer challenge - who is in? Anyone else? Its not difficult. You just need to know the alphabet and to drink beer - all you have to do is use the first letter from the name of the beer or the brewery to make a word - extra points for words relating to the current crisis eg *COVID*, *Lockdown* (you can do this over a few weeks not all in one night!!)
The rule is you cant use the same beer twice in one word.
Any other takers or are we leaving Jonathan to go on a gigantic solo lockdown bender for this one....?

Virtual coffee and cakes
Last weeks later virtual coffee and cakes seemed popular to give people a chance to venture further afield and do some longer socially distanced runs so I will leave it at 12.30pm for next saturday too.

Everest challenge

I think i'm very possibly going to wind this up next week  - so one more week to get your climbing in.

The intention was just a bit of hill running fun during lockdown and i do recognise that there was always going to be a slight unfairness in it ie: if you live in Aboyne then you are automatically going to have an advantage over someone living in Fittie. However I'm noticing now some people are starting to go out and bag munros again while others are strictly implementing the current "stay local" advice so while there are differences in the interpretation of the advice now creeping in, i think its time to bring this to a close in the interests of fair play!!
Well done to all who have taken part!

And Alan still hasnt got his garmin fixed.  Even if he only did a quarter of the climb recorded it still puts him easily into the top 20 so he can stay there for now....

Alan Cormack50,650m

Richard Bannister29,635m
Ally Sutherland29,247m
William Nicolson14,242m

Graeme Lormie12,721m

Lesley Clark9,665m

Louise Provan9,421m

Simon Bains9,153m

Gillian Clunas7,750m
Peak Lenin

Jonathan Bellarby7,719m
Peak Lenin

Charlotte Dodge7,243m
Peak Lenin

Neil Easton7,236m
Peak Lenin

Linda Smith6,790m
Island Peak

James Wheater6,746m
Island Peak

Lauren Anderson6,581m
Island Peak

Paul Webb5,516m
Mont Blanc

Christopher Mills5,315m
Mont Blanc

Derek Johnstone5,313m
Mont Blanc

Sam Gomersall4,867m
Mont Blanc

Mark Stockton4,824m
Mont Blanc

Tina McLeod4,576m20Matterhorn

Like i said above, i have a couple of other new ideas for some more lockdown running challenges if anyone is interested?

Some other things to keep you from climbing the walls with boredom....

Quite an interesting "take" on lockdown from a 14 time Everest summitter

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