Louise's Update 18 May

May 2020

I know everyone is itching to get back into the mountains so here is the latest info from Scottish Mountain Rescue....

Plotting A Route Back To The Hills

Mountaineering organisations are working together towards a return to hill walking and climbing in Scotland.

As we approach the end of week seven of lockdown, mountaineering organisations in Scotland are asking the hill walking and climbing community to ‘hold the line’ and to avoid travel and stay local for their daily exercise in accordance with the current Scottish Government COVID-19 guidance.

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How are you all? How are you getting on with the various challenges?

Alan is up to mile 18 in the accumulator and is collecting all of the trig points on the way and Ian is certainly chasing those trig points too. Simon is tackling Southern Trig points and Jonathon wants a Cosmics challenge involving finding pine trees. I'll get back to you all on that one.

Gillian is working her way around the March stones and the Aberdeen March stones challenge is looking good for some sort of post lockdown event! It needs to involve beer and cheese but probably not throwing small children into ponds.


“Beating the Bounds” | JSTOR Daily

How did people find out where their local boundaries were before there were reliable maps?


(thanks to Ewen for that one)

While you are all busy running the ascent of Everest I believe Kev Harper was cycling it on a turbo trainer - all in one day. Further details of this to follow when i receive them but well done Kev. That actually sounds about as hellish as the Tunnel race.

Everest Challenge

Alan Cormack has now climbed the equivalent of the 3 highest Mountains in the world and five people have now got to the top of Everest. There has been a bit of a change at the top with Tina McLeod, Jonathan Bellarby and Mark Stockton now in the top 20.

Alan Cormack Everest, K2 + Kanchenjunga - 28,254m
Richard Bannister Everest + K2 - 23,264m
Ally Sutherland Everest + K2 - 20,373m
William Nicolson Everest 10,497m
Graeme Lormie Everest - 9,602m
Simon Bains Peak Lenin - 7,472m
Louise Provan Aconcagua - 7,034m
Jonathan Bellarby Island Peak - 6,551m
James Wheater Kilimanjaro -6,000m
Gillian Clunas Elbrus - 5,721m
Charlotte Dodge Mont Blanc - 5,525m
Lesley Clark Mont Blanc - 5,390m
Lauren Anderson Mont Blanc - 5,387m
Linda Smith Eiger - 4,247m
Tina McLeod Eiger - 4133m
Derek Johnstone Eiger - 4,077m
Christopher Mills Eiger - 4016m
Neil Easton Alplihorn - 3,925m
John Mitchell Alplihorn - 3,877m
Mark Stockton Alplihorn - 3,826m

SAL are running another virtual time trial style event in June, virtual hill running this time. Details are via this link


There are still 2 more virtual 5k races in this series if anyone fancies a bit of speed work


London Virtual Races and Battersea Park Races - Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

Our Monday night races from June-August: These are short distances on a fast, flat course ranging from 2 miles to 5K, the perfect opportunity to test your speedwork or try out your first race. We also have a thrilling 3 x 1 mile relay - so start forming your team now. Monday evening races all start at 7pm, giving you time to leave work, put your running shoes on and finish


For any of you who fancy a slightly longer event then there is this from the same person who brought you the Tunnel Ultra - more details on the Cockbain events facebook page. (Although unlimited exercise has been reinstated it isn't compulsory!!!)

Cockbain Events ULTRA-UNLOCKED solo series:
(Unlimited exercise has been reinstated)
50 miles (12 hours) Wood
100 miles (28 hours) Bronze
150 miles (48 hours) Silver
200 miles (60 hours) Gold
300 miles (120 hours) Legend Award
All must be continuous, logged on Strava etc, near your home (route of your own choice, but laps where your home is the CP is best), self supported (no crew), with social distancing rules and ‘staying alert’. Optional medal on completion that will state that the run was a legitimate NON-STOP challenge.
Runs until July 31st.
No sticks.
UK/Ireland only.

And finally, let me know if you want to do a post run virtual coffee and cakes again on Saturday morning.



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