Louise's roundup 20 April

April 2020

Hello Cosmics!

How are you all getting on with your various virtual challenges?

If anyone fancies testing themselves over a shorter distance then this is a free series of virtual 5k races... tempting, huh?

Ewen's parks challenge

So in the parks challenge Martin McKinnon has had a go and produced a nice little Strava video - extra points for that! https://www.relive.cc/view/v36ArLLQ1Gq

Ewen's PW Olympic challenge

Colin and Pauline have so far been the only ones to tackle Ewens PW Olympic challenge, and they got a platinum score! -

Here are the rules as a wee reminder

The PW Olympic Challenge
The PW Olympic Challenge will run from 18.4.20 to 17.5.20. PW stands for Places of Worship (ie. church, synagogue, mosque, cathedral etc - a place used for regular religious worship - Pittodrie does NOT count)
Credits are available as follows:-
  • Gold - 12 PWs including 5 of different denominations
  • Silver - 10 PWs “ 4 “ “
  • Bronze - 8 PWs “ 3 “ “
Awards will be
  • Highest Total Points - Gold worth 3pts, Silver 2pts, Bronze 1pt.
  • Fastest Gold
  • Fastest Silver
  • Fastest Bronze
  • Total number of different PWs visited.
Route must Start and Finish at the same PW.
Multiple Awards are admissible but must have a maximum of 50% commonality.
Claims must be accompanied by a Strava or similar plot. Send claims to
including date, time, list of PWs visited and map plot.
Ideally “selfies” should be taken at each venue which include Noticeboard (or similar) for the PW and posted on the Cosmic Facebook pages.
Starting from Holburn West Church of Scotland I think there is a Gold Award possible in just under five miles!
Street Map/Ordnance Survey mark Places of Worship as PW but often includes places now converted to other uses whilst some of the newer “churches” are not marked.

Trig Point challenge

Alan and Gillian are working their way through the Trig Point challenge with impressive speed. Trig points have also been bagged by Sue and Rod, Ian and Rolfe and I believe Steve Helmore, having just stepped off a long haul flight from his quarantine in NZ, has started tackling the Trig points.

Alan is also well into is COVID19 19 miles a day for 19 days challenge.

Former Cosmic Mike Raffan should also get a mention here for running 107 miles in his own back garden as part of the "lockdown ultra" organised by the same crew who organise the infamous "Tunnel race". If that wasnt impressive enough then its worth mentioning that Mike did this only weeks after undergoing major heart surgery.

Has anyone else picked off any golf courses in Gillian's golf course challenge? - let me know and i will add that in to the next update.

The Everest Challenge

We have 2 Everest Summiteers!! And a new leader!
Alan Cormack has scrambled into the lead ahead of Richard Bannister (no idea if that involved supplementary oxygen). They now have to "do a Killian" and summit Everest again.

The Leader board so far after 4 weeks -

Alan Cormack    10,626m (Everest)
Richard Bannister   9,290m (Everest)
Graeme Lormie   4,953m (Mont Blanc)
William Nicolson    4,839m (Mont Blanc)
Gillian Clunas   3,657m (Alplihorn)
Simon Bains   3,610m (Alplihorn)
Louise Provan    3,490m (Alplihorn)
James Wheater    3,428m (Alplihorn)
Jonathan Bellarby   3,191m (Alplihorn)
Linda Smith   3,035m (Alplihorn)
Charlotte Dodge 2,910m (L'Aiguille Rouge)
Lauren Anderson 2,691m (L'Aiguille Rouge)
Ally Sutherland  2,674m (L'Aiguille Rouge)
Lesley Clark   2,564m (L'Aiguille Rouge)
Mark Stockton  1,796m  (Ben Nevis)
Christopher Mills  1,593m (Ben Nevis)
Steve Helmore  1,580m (Ben Nevis)
Sam Gomersall  1,486m (Ben Nevis)
Derek Johnstone  1,453m (Ben Nevis)
Stewart Melvin  1,315m(Cairngorm)

And, if you are bored with Colin Russell's blister treatment updates on Facebook, then heres a couple of things to while away the long days in lockdown..


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