Louise's Roundup 7 April 2020

April 2020

Hello Cosmics

How are you all getting on with lockdown?

If you are bored here are a few online things to keep you entertained.....

Ewen has also set you a real life challenge for anyone who lives in Aberdeen

"For those of you in town the challenge is to visit six different Parks - run from home to your chosen Start - take selfie with Park sign in background - pick your route to the next Park - repeat selfie - repeat for total of six different Parks. NB - Only Westburn or Victoria (not both). Possible Parks - Johnston Gardens, Hazlehead, Stewart, Seaton, Duthie, Allan (Cults), Kincorth Hill, Loirston Country.

Post time and route - plot on Mapometer to get distance and climb (I don't do Strava and Mapometer will give best route)"

I suggest posting your selfies on the Cosmic Facebook page to inspire others to try the challenge for themselves

Scottish Athletics Relays

SAL have also got in on the "virtual" act and are holding a virtual relay. Any takers will have to be affiliated to SAL though.


and for those of you who like listening to podcasts  - http://tartanrunningshorts.com/?i=1

Cosmics quiz night
Sometime soon Kev and and I are looking at holding an online Cosmics quiz night - who would be up for that?
Bring your own beer.
Watch this space for further details.

The Everest Challenge
Ok - this is the leaderboard after 2 weeks - any disagreements then send me a note of your Strava stats and i will amend it

Richard Bannister - 3,920m  (He's climbed the Alplihorn and is nearly at the top of the Eiger!)
Graeme Lormie - 2,519m  (He's climbed Omu - its in Transylvania so lets hope the bears, bats and count Dracula don't get him)
Alan Cormack - 2,013m (but might be more as i dont have a note of the previous weeks climb!)
William Nicolson - 1,905m (Working on his sun tan on the top of Pico Ruivo)
James Wheater - 1,831m (Ben Nevis)
Lesley Clark - 1,788m (Ben Nevis)
Simon Bains - 1,642m (Ben Nevis)
Louise Provan 1561m (Ben Nevis)
Charlotte Dodge -1,428m (Ben Nevis)
Jonathan Bellarby - 1,237m (Snowdon)



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