Louise's Roundup 19 March 2020

March 2020

Hello Cosmics

Sorry that my email of yesterday sounded a little bit officious but I was at work and it was typed hurriedly as Gillian and I were getting a lot of questions about Saturdays run. But yes, as per Scottish athletics advice as of now all group runs are off and I will keep you all updated with any changes as they occur.

One club in Aberdeen (who in my opinion should know better) have been organising "social runs" rather than official club runs in an attempt to get round this advice from SAL and the government and the NHS - so lets hope COVID19 has an appreciation of the difference between a formal club run and a social run.
If you do feel that you need to organise social runs please could you keep that off the Cosmics facebook page for now.

Its also safe to assume all races between now and the end of April are off and to be honest May and June are looking a bit shaky too but entries for the Lairig Ghru open on Saturday at 7pm and i expect these will sell out quickly.

Stuc a chroin, the Trotternish ridge, the Dirty 30, Normans Law and Kaim hill races are all cancelled now.

Anyway at the moment we are still allowed out to run and cycle and walk so if anyone is interested I thought we could have a few virtual challenges such as  "Virtual Krunce" and "Virtual Everest". Would anyone be interested in that?

So for anyone who wants to take part the rules of Virtual Krunce are

Between now and the end of the day on 12th April
1       You run or walk the Krunce route and post your run to Strava so i can see that theres no cheating going on.
2       You can run or walk the route as many times as you want, whenever you want
3       Email me with the title "Virtual Krunce" with a note of your time for the route and the date of completion. If you are not on strava then email me your map from mapmyrun or garmin connect or similar
4       Ideally you run alone but if you do find yourself with others on the hill then keep a safe distance eg no shaking hands, hugging, kissing, no tongues (you're welcome - and now you've thought about that one you can't unthink it...Ewww) And no car sharing.
5       There may or may not be prizes at the end of it all. Prizes may or may not include fastest times, most attempts on one day, attempts done in the dark (photo evidence required) the best summit selfie, the best wildlife photo....nows the time to get creative.

"Virtual Everest"
The same idea - Email me if you want to play and post all of your runs on Strava letting me know at the end of each week what your total amount of ascent is.
Lets see if you can climb Everest in between now and end of the day on 12th April - thats 8848m/ 29029ft and ascent has to be by foot eg running, walking, treadmill, step climber machine but evidence will be required.

For both of these challenges it would help if you could join Cosmics club on Strava.
The rules may also have to be amended and made up as we go along as i suspect i haven't fully thought it all through!!

(I will try and set these up as challenges on Strava but at the moment i am not sure how to - anyone got any ideas?)

And lets hope we dont have to go into lockdown otherwise i will have to come up with some new ideas.

Last weeks results - this may be the last for a while....

Hazlehead parkrun
3328Stuart HUNTERCosmic Hillbashers00:22:13
231114Ewen RENNIECosmic Hillbashers00:42:45
Pashanger parkrun

20th Ally Sutherland 4.13.22
178th Alan Cormack 7.29.36
180th Lyndsay McEwen 7.38.39

If i have missed anyone or any races let me know and i will amend it in the next update.

And finally....
If any Cosmics are having to self isolate then maybe this would be a good place for them to let others know if they need supplies dropped off?
Just a thought.

All the best, stay healthy, wash your hands and remember only total muppets stockpile food and toilet roll.



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