Summer Series Results

August 2019

The final positions in the Cosmic/Deeside Summer Series are now confirmed. Hamish Battle (Metro) and Moira Davie (Forres) are the winners. Age category positions are given below. 213 runners took part in the series but only 34 completed the 3 or more runs required for a score. Andy Chapman (Cosmics), David Duncan (Ochil HR) and Jane Oliver (Deeside) completed all 5 races. Scolty was the most popular with 105 runners.

1. Hamish Battle (Metro) 6
2. Joe Wright (Deeside) 8
3. Peter Henry (Deeside) 17

1. Moira Davie (Forres) 40
2. Veronique Oldham (Cosmics) 43
3. Ros Baxter (Insch Trail Runners) 144

V40 Stuart Pringle (Deeside) and Ros Baxter (Insch Trail Runners)
V50 Donald Kerridge (Deeside) and Veronique Oldham (Cosmics)
V60 Phil Kammer (Cosmics) and Jane Oliver (Deeside)
V70 Rod Campbell (Cosmics)

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Summer Series Results
Winners - Hamish Battle and Moira Davie