Summer Hill Race Series 2019

Thurs 16 MayPressendye

Thurs 20 June Hill of Fare

Thurs 18 July Mither Tap

Thurs 15 August Cheyne Hill

For 2019, best 3 out of 4 races will count for the series. All events have an adult and a junior race. Adult race starts at 7pm and costs 2.50GBP each. Junior race starts a few minutes earlier and is 50p to enter.

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Series Results 2018

Men 1st Clyde Williamson
2nd Hamish Battle
3rd Stefan Wagner
1st V40 Jason Williamson
1st V50 Donald Kerridge
1st V60 Phil Kammer
Women 1st Fiona McDonald (1st FV40)
2nd Katie Henderson
3rd Rachel Paterson
1st V50 Clare Martin
1st V60 Sue Taylor

Series Results 2017

Men 1st Hamish Battle
2nd Jamie Ross (1st V40)
3rd Jason Williamson
1st V50 Kevin Heath
1st V60 David Duncan
Women 1st Marie Entwistle
2nd Sarah Knox (1st V40)
3rd Katie May
1st V50 Jane Oliver

Series Results 2016

Men 1st James Espie
1st V40 Jamie Ross
1st V50 Miles Newman
Women 1st Veronique Oldham
1st V40 Veronique Oldham
1st V50 Denise Wright
1st V60 Sue Taylor

Series Results 2015

Men 1st Peter Henry
2nd and 1st V40 William Nicolson
3rd Jason Williamson
1st V50 Dave Hirst
1st V60 David Duncan
Women 1st Stephanie Provan
2nd and 1st V40 Veronique Oldham
3rd Marie Entwistle
1st V50 Elaine Stewart
Juniors Molly Williams

Series results 2018

Series results 2017

Series results 2011 (Senior), 2011 (Junior)

Series results 2010 (Senior) 2010 (Junior)

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