Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rules of the Highland Fling

Aboot i'runnin' aboot:

Fit ye're tryin' ti dae:

Ti ging roon on 53 mile “Fling” roadie alang i' Southern pairt o' the West Highland Way fae somewye ca'd Milngavie ti Tyndrum afore yir time runs oot. An' it's nae jist i' folk running themsels, there's i' club competitions an' a', an' a special een far ye hae four folk, een aifter the ither. Now a'body's got ti be ower 21, nae swikin'. I' “Fling” is mint ti' be deen athoot only help at a'. The folk that's pit a' this the gither'll drap aff buggies that you've made earlier, as lang as ye mind ti pit on yir proper race number, a' the wye alang the roadie at the checkpoints. Kitbags wi' little ticketies on'll be teen ti' the end o' the roadie at Tyndrum near 'at afa fine Green Welly Stop, an' bussies, thit ye've got ti' hae said yer gahn on (and pit yer haun in yer pooch) afore the day'll tak ye a; back to Milngavie far ye can get the trainnie. Course, if ye wint ti hae yir ain folk helpin' ye, that's yir ain look oot.

Club Competition

Ur's nae end ti the number o' chiels ye can hae in yer clique. Fooiver lang it taks fur the first three (M or F) gahn by themsels fae each club'll be added igither on a bittie paper ti gie i' club’s time, so ere's nae need for folk runnin' ti dae onything ither than pit their ain name doon, as lang as ye pit doon fa' ye're wi. If yi wint ti be richt clivver an'pit in mair than wun (M or F) team it's nae skin aff oor nose, jist mak sure we ken a' aboot it and fa' yir spikkin' aboot.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Aberdeenshire 101 - A Cosmic Challenge

Dear Cosmics,

It is a new decade and it is time to lay down a new Cosmic challenge. This is unlike any other challenge in that there is no trophy, T-shirt, medal* or entry fee. If you decide to take the challenge, it will take more than a couple of hours or a weekend to complete. Indeed I expect it to take months, years or in some cases a whole lifetime**. It is more achievable than the Bob Graham, less likely to wreck your marriage than the Munros, and certainly less anorak than the Corbetts.

In this Brave New Decade I have selected 101 hills in lower Aberdeenshire (east of the Glen Muick, Glen Gairn and the Lecht) that are more than 500m in altitude***. The winner of the challenge is the person who summits all 101 hills first. We spend much time going to the same races, hills and events - but we don't push the frontiers within the 'shire. Hopefully this will bring this to balance.

The rules are:

- You have to hill-run (or at least use your legs, but not a bike) to summit each hill on the list

- Provide some sort of proof that you summited the hill (I'll leave you to come up with a solution of how to do that)

- Once back home, send an email to telling 'Big Bertie' the hills you have climbed, the date they were summited and your proof. (This is critical, else Norris McWhirter can't verify the record and Roy Castle will be very upset).

- If the hill is part of a race - then yes it counts!

- The challenge starts on 8th January 2010. No hills can be counted if done before that date.

- You have to carry the now familar minimal safety requirements (full-body cover, map, compass, emergency food, whistle (phone recommended)).

- I am not responsible for injuries or death. You do it at your own risk.

To help you out:

- An excel file with Hill Names, Altitude, NGR, Lat/Long, Ranking and an overview map has been sent to the Cosmic mailing list.

- For those of you not on the list, please be patient - a web page will appear.

Anyhow - good luck, and good hill-running

Big Bertie

* Not yet anyhow
** Unless you want to run them all in one go - good luck to you - but you have to be billy no-mates.
*** This a county sub-division I have just made up. There are more hills than this greater than 500m, but I am chosing them - not you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Carnethy 5

After the excitement of Lois and Rob et al starring in the Glamaig Hill race on TV, look out for the Carnethy 5 on the Adventure Show, Sun 5th April 1830 BBC2 Scotland.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Highland Cross 2007

Kev Harper recently completed the Highland Cross, coming a brilliant 47th in 4:14:22. Here's his words:

2007 was the 25th staging of the highland cross event and i was lucky enough to pick up a spare entry a week before the event. I'm sure all of you are aware of the details of the event, but as it was a new one on me... it involves a 21mile run from Kintail through Gen Affric and then a transition onto road bikes to complete the last 29 miles.
My training for the event was not ideal, but after a hard week of team building and then a couple more drinks at the Outsider festival on the Fri night i set off early doors from Avimore to Beauly to load my bike and catch the bus to Kintail. It was undoubtedly one of the most picturesque bus journeys i have been on - but due to me requiring the loo about 5 mins into the 1hr 15min journey it was also one of the most unpleasant i have ever had to endure!
After quite a long wait at the start, with several discussions on jacket or no jacket for the run i opted for without and we all crowded together and waited for the SHOTGUN to be fired for the start. The first few miles go through hard packed track before the main climb looms. Here the track changes to a much narrower, technical singletrack. After the 300m of climbing, the track steadily descends back to the river and follows it along until the start of the dreaded yellow brick road. Unfortunately although i had been warned about this, you can imagine my dismay after thinking i had completed this section for someone to tell me that i was only just about to start it! My picture on this section says it all!
Once back to transition i took my time for a dry change of clothes only have this luxury ruined when the heavens opened 5 mins later. A mainly descending 10 mile start from the transition sets you on your way well before some nice roiling road back to Beauly.
I hope to get the chance to improve on my attempt at the cross this year - the incentive of finishing quickly enough to get a hot shower (just under 4.14 i have been told) should be just the push i need for next time.
Well done to all who took part, and i would seriously recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to compete.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Aonach Mor Uphill Race

As usual for this race the start is always fast and furious but with the newly widened path you were able to run about 4 runners wide. This soon changed as you funnel into the first of many bottle necks. Keeping an eye on the battle at the front was good fun as David Rodgers and Dan Whitehead continued to share the lead. Soon the flash of Colin Donnelly came through the field and he took second place. The tree line brought strong winds on your right side and continued to battle us all to the finish. Times where slower than previous years and as always it is a good wake up call for the season ahead. Happy New Year. Jason

Monday, October 09, 2006

Pentland Skyline 2006

A small contingent of Cosmics headed down to Edinburgh on the night before this years Pentland Skyline race (Sun. 8th Oct.). The Sunday began with warm weather and blue skies, so the run was started in good spirits - in Elaine's case it was started in sunglasses!
Some steady running, despite stong breezes on the summits and a bout of light rain near the half way checkpoint saw Sean and Elaine cruise through to the return leg. 2 km further on, I had to sit out the race for 5-10 minutes with an attack of cramp and then watch all my rivals (including Elaine) whizz past. As the yellow cosmic jersey sailed into the distance I had to walk most of the remaining route to avoid further cramp.
Finishing the race in about 3h48 and 3h57 (Elaine first), we both knocked significant chucks of time off previous personal bests and finished in good spirits.
Perhaps the distance to the start and the length of the route (16ml) put some folk off, but it's a good challenge and worth the effort.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cairn Mon-Earn Race

The Cairn Mon-Earn Hill race will be the 3rd in the summer series of evening races organised by the Cosmic Hillbashers.

Cairn Mon-Earn Race
BS 7mi (3.7km) 583ft (178m)

Tuesday 15 August 2006
Start 7pm
Registration from 6.30pm
Entry £2

Start at GR 782908, the first bend of the main forest track accessed from northeast side of A957, opposite car park on southwest side.

The route follows the main forest track up the hill to the summit of Cairn Mon-Earn. Take the left fork at each junction. Turn left just past the enclosed pylons and up to the large summit cairn. Then head directly towards the Durris mast down through heather to join a small path. Follow this path down the hill, underneath the pylons. The finish is at the bottom of the descent, before you reach the main track (GR 781911).

Please park either in the car park on the southwest side of the A957 or drive up the forest track towards the start on the north east side to park on the track. Please share cars where possible.

Prizes will be awarded as soon as possible after all competitors have finished.

Fiona Dahl and Dennis McDonald
127 Deeside Gardens, Aberdeen AB15 7QA
01224 326106

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dan wins the Heart... of the Park

Well done to Dan holding off a strong run/swim! from Oleg Chepelin
(Edinburgh Uni)to win the Heart of the Park challenge by 3 seconds at a
sun soaked Braemar.
Murray Bryce also showed a strong performance to win the (O50)cat.and
take 15th overall.. other Cosmic positions Jonathan Bellarby 5th and
myself in 12th.
The ladies race was won by Sarah Dunn and (V40) by Jon Musgrove.
44 run.

Colin R

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Eastern Cairngorms Challenge 27 May 2006

As the first race event in this location you might expect a couple of glitches, but a suprisingly good race was had by all...

Very showery day, with heavy rain over the previous days and on approach to the start line, but only occasional drizzle during the race itself.

From Glen Clova, the racers headed up Jock's Road toward Crow Cragies. The track is pretty good when you're on it, but half the field were like sheep and missed the highest checkpoint by not staying on the path! Both routes had about the same ascent and distance, but probably less boggy on the path. The ~65 runners then raced down the steep headwall to the Lochcallater valley and eventually onto a grassy plain before joining the well constructed path adjacent to the Loch. At Lochcallater Lodge most participants collected bikes, but some hardy souls carried on and ran the last 3 miles to the finish. Leg power also carried us, more slowly, to the highland games arena in Braemar for post-race pasta.

Overall, the field was remarkably close together, although the major descent did separate a few folk out. The bike at the end was a novelty and certainly sped things up a bit, but runners (who hired bikes, especially) may think that expense and transport hassle are not really worth it for 3 miles... Anyway, the route is highly recommended and fingers crossed the race is held next year too, perhaps with enough cosmics to give Forfar Runners a run for their money.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Other race reports

Will look out some past race reports to add to the site.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Clachnaben Race Report

Well although blizzards were threatening on the Sat morning (Lois tells me she desperately checked the website and the email to see if it would be cancelled?!) the sun eventually smiled on the legendary Clachnaben hill race. And although it wasn't the biggest turnout ever there was still a good number of appropriately (and also inappropriately!) dressed runners who lined up at the start. Shelly warmed us all up with a hilarious pre-race briefing and then set us off. Most runners foolishly paid no heed to Shelly's advice and plunged straight through the icy waters of the first burn and into the deep heather on the way up Mount Shade. But hearts were warmed by the sight of the happy couple (Derek and Martin) at the top who cheered us on our way. By this time the clouds had lifted and there were wonderful views from the tops with a dusting of snow on nearby hills. Ewen and Sarah checked everyone over the top and restrained anyone who attempted to take in Mt Battock this year! Miller's Bog was as always uneven and boggy leaving even the most experienced of descenders rolling around in the mud. The second slog up Mt Shade seemed to go on for ever and I'm sure Derek was doing a jig next time I went past. The hail hit me as I left the top and I struggled to see where my feet were taking me. Apologies to the various people I elbowed out the way on my brief overtakings on the horrible traverse -an apology which isn't really necessary as they all promptly sprinted past me when I reached the track. Shelly led the prize giving amidst lots more laughter and I think a thoroughly good day was had by all. Thanks to Shelly and Ian for all their hard work organising and all those dedicated marshals!