Monday, October 09, 2006

Pentland Skyline 2006

A small contingent of Cosmics headed down to Edinburgh on the night before this years Pentland Skyline race (Sun. 8th Oct.). The Sunday began with warm weather and blue skies, so the run was started in good spirits - in Elaine's case it was started in sunglasses!
Some steady running, despite stong breezes on the summits and a bout of light rain near the half way checkpoint saw Sean and Elaine cruise through to the return leg. 2 km further on, I had to sit out the race for 5-10 minutes with an attack of cramp and then watch all my rivals (including Elaine) whizz past. As the yellow cosmic jersey sailed into the distance I had to walk most of the remaining route to avoid further cramp.
Finishing the race in about 3h48 and 3h57 (Elaine first), we both knocked significant chucks of time off previous personal bests and finished in good spirits.
Perhaps the distance to the start and the length of the route (16ml) put some folk off, but it's a good challenge and worth the effort.