Thursday, April 13, 2006

Other race reports

Will look out some past race reports to add to the site.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Clachnaben Race Report

Well although blizzards were threatening on the Sat morning (Lois tells me she desperately checked the website and the email to see if it would be cancelled?!) the sun eventually smiled on the legendary Clachnaben hill race. And although it wasn't the biggest turnout ever there was still a good number of appropriately (and also inappropriately!) dressed runners who lined up at the start. Shelly warmed us all up with a hilarious pre-race briefing and then set us off. Most runners foolishly paid no heed to Shelly's advice and plunged straight through the icy waters of the first burn and into the deep heather on the way up Mount Shade. But hearts were warmed by the sight of the happy couple (Derek and Martin) at the top who cheered us on our way. By this time the clouds had lifted and there were wonderful views from the tops with a dusting of snow on nearby hills. Ewen and Sarah checked everyone over the top and restrained anyone who attempted to take in Mt Battock this year! Miller's Bog was as always uneven and boggy leaving even the most experienced of descenders rolling around in the mud. The second slog up Mt Shade seemed to go on for ever and I'm sure Derek was doing a jig next time I went past. The hail hit me as I left the top and I struggled to see where my feet were taking me. Apologies to the various people I elbowed out the way on my brief overtakings on the horrible traverse -an apology which isn't really necessary as they all promptly sprinted past me when I reached the track. Shelly led the prize giving amidst lots more laughter and I think a thoroughly good day was had by all. Thanks to Shelly and Ian for all their hard work organising and all those dedicated marshals!