Moonlit Run Millstone 10th Nov 2011
It was black dark in the Donview carpark and thick cloud obscured the moon. A few Cosmics gathered ready for the 1st Moon(unlit) run of the season. As the 7pm deadline approached, a car came racing up the road – Matt had arrived. Then we saw head torches bobbing along and Liz, Rob, Corri and Joe arrived on foot to swell numbers to 12. We set off. Was the murk lightening a little? Wishful thinking, as we climbed the mist got thicker, and thicker; the world was limited to the range of your torch and fellow runners became skeleton figures defined only by the reflective patches and stripes on their clothes. Turning off all the torches and sitting quitely produced a very spooky atmosphere, but we didn’t fool those coming behind, maybe heavy breathing gave us away. At the highest point we were intercepted by Ian Hamilton, who arriving late had correctly anticipated the likely route, so we actually returned with one more than when we started. The descent, especially the board walk, was “interesting” by the paltry light of my torch (must stop being such a cheapskate and get a more powerful one). Safely down, most repaired to the Grant Arms at Monymusk for refreshment.

Thank you very much to Jonathan Bellarby for organising a very enjoyable and sociable outing, and even booking a table at the pub to ensure that we got fed. Perhaps next month we will manage to see the moon on a clear night?