Cosmic Orienteering Tuesday 17 May

Tim Griffin (assisted by Ewen Rennie, Sean O’Sullivan, Ian Hamilton, Dennis McDonald) gave us a great introduction to the black art (or so it seemed) of orienteering.  After a short instructional session, all of us were haring round Kirkhill Forest, eagerly “collecting” controls.  I think the mini-score event was won by Anne Smith and Anne Stone, operating as a team.  I know that this is an easy area with lots of paths, but this enabled the neophytes to fell a glow of satisfaction at actually managing to successfully navigate.  The truth of the mantra “always read the instructions” was brought out too – having searched in vain for the post with the punch, you remembered that some controls required you to counts bars on the gate or steps to the tower etc instead.  Everyone had a great time and I know many have moved on to try the regular Wednesday evening sessions run by Grampian Orienteers (  Thank you Tim!