A bit of info on the 101 attempts over 2010 for the blog:

  • Started with Saturday club run in deep snow to Clachnaben
  • Finished with un-named 640 near Loch Muick in October in the dark with a dram (from Sean).
  • Most runs alone (I think about 80%). Many were surreptitious runs telling know one where I was going. Family weren’t aware of challenge till completed.
  • One or two runs were when I set off for work but got side-tracked before arriving due to good weather.
  • Best not let Anita know but an obscure top near Mount Battock (Lochnawean hill) was navigated to using a road atlas on the iphone in driving rain and near darkness. Pressendye was also climbed in the dark and driving rain without a map – torch also packed in.
  • Used iphone for photos and from about June onwards discovered OS map navigation on the iphone which helped avoid the Battock near fiasco.
  • Some hills didn’t technically manage to get to highest point – hope this doesn’t lead to disqualification? Examples are Roman hill (trees near top are higher than the top), Scar hill (mobile phone mast), Creag an Euan and Tampie (electrified fence and associated post are the highest points). I think a special award should be made to the true finisher who braves these hazards although I accept no responsibility for suggesting this. A surprising number of peaks had very recent electric fences.
  • One group of 8 were completed on skis (beside Lock Muick). Much better due to the peat hags. Unfortunately I missed out Lair of Aldararie (was within 200m) as I failed to mark it on map and assumed it was not in Aberdeenshire. Had to return in summer to ascend this pile of ****.
  • Many peaks had indistinguishable tops – which peat hag is the highest? Offenders include Dun Mount and Caochandye with the worst …Hill of Snowy Slack.
  • However the least recommended hills are Black Hill and Red Hill near Cabrach. Flea invested, deep heather peat hags with utterly no redeeming features – not even interesting names. The longish run between is especially dire. Suggestion – do in winter on skis as they are very close to Clashindarroch.
  • Favourite but obscure hills – some real beauties were ascended as a result of Matt’s challenge. Particular favourites – Ben Newe in Donside. Very short (10mins to top from nearest road), with excellent tracks or paths and multiple ways up/down – would make a cracking short race. Nice rocky tor on top and steep enough for a challenge. Creag an Sgor off Glen Buchat is also excellent with a great network of tracks and again a fine rocky summit with a wee (very wee) scramble and fine view. Mona Gowan near Morven is also excellent with a huge cairn and a fine geological feature nearby – meltwater escape gorge (Slacks of Glencarvie). Pannanich (near Ballater) has a fine Corrie and great view. Also very obvious as you drive up Deeside. Clachan Yell (great name!); although a longish trek; makes an excellent circuit (up Tanar, down glen Gairnie) with minimal heather bashing, pretty gentle and runnable ascents and a fine summit tor. Carnferg is another one with a great view and a Victorian pyramid cairn. Also accessed from a rarely visited Glen Cattie. Would make a good one-off Saturday outing for club. Colliochbar is also very accessible – near Alford – and although very short has a great track and a superb view.
  • Easiest – Ben Newe – already mentioned, Whitelaws (from Cairn o’ Mount but quite haggy). By the way, there is a new track (not marked on map) all the way from Whitelaws to Sturdy hill.
  • Longest run. 21  101 peaks were ascended between Corgarff and Lumsden in a day. Possible as managed to persuade wife to drop me off – midweek. First peak was Sron Aonghais. Included Meikle Corr Riabhach (Lecht ski centre), Ladder Hills and Buck of Cabrach. Last top was Hill of John’s cairn. Met no-one all day, crossed no roads. A lot of bog, but also some excellent running – especially along the Ladder hills. Also did a route from Clachnaben car park to Glen Muick over hills such as Mount Keen (missing out Clachnaben as I’d done it already!).
  • Photographs were take of every top except for the tops done as part of the club runs – Mither Tap for example.
  • No hills climbed as part of a race – not intentional but missed races such as Tap O’ Noth and Mither Tap due to being away.
  • There are 2 hills that failed to make the list that could get amended as worthy? Carn Mor 578 in Donside (with huge cairn) and Breagach hill 557 above Strathdon.

A huge thanks to Matt for setting such a challenge and to Matt and Sean for providing a very easy way of tracking progress on the website.


The following photos are all of various obscure tops: