Run Tuesday 19th April Mither Tap from Visitor Centre


19 people set out – but we almost came back with a greater number as Colin Larmour was energetically collecting up a poor random person who’d the misfortune to arrive at Mither Tap just as we were leaving for Oxen Craig – there was a look of pure fear on the woman’s face!  Despite all the nice weather recently it was overcast and rather foggy at the top, though fortunately the rain did not return.  After the race route up Mither Tap, we headed for Oxen Craig, some taking in Craigshannoch as well which brought the group together nicely.  Should have remembered that Jonathan is really an Ultra runner (and possibly not too tired by his exertions in the London marathon 2 days before) as his route off Oxen Craig took us nearly to Watch Craig (which an energetic few bagged as well) rather than directly descending via Gordon way.  A few were rather discomfited by the rocky and uneven descent – it needs practice.  Thanks to Steve Helmore, Sean O’Sullivan and Bob Sheridan for waiting for and shepherding the group.  It was still light when all got back.