Glen Tanar Saturday 12th March

Vital questions – would I get to do a Cosmic run at Glen Tanar at last – or would snow intervene yet again?  Hazlehead was damp but OK, so despite report of “light snow” at Banchory from Bob (Elder), we rashly set off in Gillian’s car (also John’s and fortunately Alan took his big tough landrover, others travelled separately).  Sporadic snow seen from Westhill onwards, turned into a fair covering by time we arrived at the forest car park. Complete contrast to Spring conditions last weekend, which had lured us into a false sense of security.

Gillian, Cat, Cathy, Emily, John, Alan, Bob and Anita enjoyed a great run in the snow.  Trees were beautiful, just as well – you couldn’t see much further, deeper snow as we climbed would probably have been OK at least for your 2nd best XC skis.  Fortunately Bob knew the “official” Cosmic route and guided us – might have gone for a longer run, but big soft flakes falling continuously (though no wind so not unpleasant apart from swallowing the stuff) meant we couldn’t tarry too long for fear of the cars being snowed in by the time we got back.  Met a party of mountain bikers – so there are people out there madder than us (one of them was wearing shorts!).  And Gillian had us practise Snow Angels!

Back at the cars we enjoyed tea and Cathy’s brilliant cup cakes, then Alan kindly shepherded us back to the main road.  Don’t know if John did in fact go sailing on Loch of Skene after?

Stats: 12.67K, 303m climb