All looked quite benign from Glen Dye – just a sprinkling of snow towards the top, not too cold or windy – why was the road closed at Cairn o’Mount?  3 fast boys set off first heading for Mount Battock, main party of 15 set off for Charr, where 2 headed back by the low level route, leaving 13 to go over the top.  We hadn’t climbed far before it got much more interesting with drifts of crusty snow filling the path and making hard going especially if you broke through the crust thigh deep.  The breeze that had been pleasantly behind us on the climb now became a howling freezing gale trying to blow us off the ridge as we slid sideways on the icy snow.  Most were carrying lots of spare kit to put on.  Angie (from Texas), just arrived from Trinidad and Tobago, had managed to find the correct meeting place etc from the web site.  She must have found the conditions particularly trying as she had on ¾ tights and short socks but she didn’t complain, and Bob, Gary and Gillian all looked after her with extra gear.  As for Carl in shorts – should know better!  However the shelter of the crag was soon attained, then a quick descent, and a miraculous change back to normal Scottish weather (but not raining!). The log fire, tea, coffee and toasted tea cakes at Bob’s place all lived up to the advanced billing – brilliant. Reckon we did about 15.8K, climb of 617m, plus lots of slithering about on ice and snow.  Not sure where the fast boys got to – has anyone seen them since?