Word had spread about the local time trial around Tyrebagger and Elrick, the Skrunce. A record number of 85 runners (83 doing 2 laps, 2 doing 1 lap) turned up for the 12th Skrunce, including some Metro punters and other club members. A good start to the hill running season.
Conditions were ideal for some fast times, slightly chilly at the start and dry underfoot. After a short race briefing by Ewen, the start was abrupt and caught a few people by surprise. Worries about a bottleneck at the bridge saw a frantic start. After some jostling across the bridge and rock garden, things calmed down to a panic. An enthusiastic Willie held on to the lead on the first climb but paid the price later. He can have consolation in having the fastest Strava segment of the night, if anyone is down with that type of thing. (Westerlands even produce a weekly Strava league table, and there’s now a cosmics Strava club. I’ve resisted so far).
After 2 laps Ben Hukins, multiple Baker Hughes 10k winner, came through as a clear winner and smashed the course record in 22:16. Simon Peachey showed that the old magic is still there though, finishing in 2nd place and also just inside the previous course record. Kev Harper followed closely behind in 3rd. The male vets course record was also broken (by moi!) and Moira Davie was 1st female, also in a course record time of 26:04.
Race 2 of this year’s Skrunce series is Tues 6th May, so a quick recovery is needed after Stuc a Chroin. The leader board will then start to take shape, after Ewen’s complicated points system. I’m looking forward to a longer, less intense experience, something like Clachnaben…….