I was asked to write a bit about my experiences of the relay from a newbies perspective…well it all began with a 6 O’clock wakeup call on a driech Saturday morning and as we travelled down to Falkland the weather got worse and worse, although the hills we were aiming for were still visible, which I was reliably informed, was an improvement on last year! We arrived in good time and saw Hannah off on the first leg, at which point the rain set in. This developed into hail by the second leg and conditions for the third leg were not looking too great either. Thankfully there was an improvement as Anita and I embarked on the fourth and final leg. As we set off I began to get a feel for what I had signed up to do. Not only was I a newbie to the relay but I was also more accustom to hill walking rather than hill running! Due to the rain and high numbers of runners on the course much of the route had turned into a mud run and I seemed to take two steps forward and one slide back. After getting to the top I thought the downhill would be easier but staying on my feet seemed problematic. Anita blamed it on my shoes, but I think lack of skill played a big part too! After crossing the finish line we all headed back to the village hall for a nice cuppa tea and some homemade soup, which lived up to expectations and was of course was why I agreed to take part in the relay in first place!

Debbie Fielding