An absolutely glorious day for the first Cosmic club run of 2014, crisp, clear and sunny, and no wind.  I think there were 17 in all, 2 went straight up and down the short side, one was late and had to catch up (well done Mark).  4 fast guys were sent on ahead, leaving 11 running together, Sasha went on to Durris (to be collected by his dad), Mark rushed on to get to a lunch appointment, Stuart and Mike ran back up to the top to meet us – where we were all relaxing sitting in the heather in the sun and taking photos.  I think they were relieved that they didn’t have to keep up with Sasha anymore and all descended more or less together to gather for tea and cakes in the sun at the bottom.  New recruit to hill running and Cosmics, Martin (from Denmark), obviously had immediately grasped the essential nature of the sport and brought loads of muffins!  The sight of the wind farm under construction just behind Kerloch still comes as a shock, but I guess we’ll get used to it.  I’m not sure what KERLOCH means, but googlemaps seems to find Kerlochs all over France