It all kicked off on Tuesday 17th Dec with the Mince Pie Competition at Elaine’s after Ewen’s Parlauf at training. There were 10 varied entries (one was a group one – how does that work?), with more than 20 tasters, compered by Elaine with scoring by Gary resulting in a first win in the event for Fiona MacDonald. Many thanks to Elaine for the hospitality of her house and the lovely food.

Next on Friday night 20th Dec was to be the Winter Solstice run up Morvern, which was rerouted to Learney Hill due to the extreme adverse weather forecast. Many thanks to Steve for leading the run and to Margaret and Steve for a great party after.

The 24th Beach Bum race was on Sunday 22nd – it was sunny but cold. Fears that the course had been emasculated due to accumulation of sand were unfounded as a storm the week before had stripped much of it away such that several of the groynes required challenging mountaineering and a long drop down the other side (and the water was cold). First home was Ben Renton followed by Rob Brookes and John Colegrave, but of course everyone got a prize. Thank you to Ewen and Janet for organising another fun event.

Only a few made the Christmas day run this year, but we enjoyed lovely weather and Kir Royale and nibbles after.

Several Cosmics recovered from the new year festivities with the Detox 10K at Lumphanan on 2nd Jan. Another lovely day and a friendly event, though a road race comes as a bit of a shock these days. The race was won by Robbie Simpson who had a lead of over 3 min, Rob Brookes was 5th, Chris Hill 6th and Ben Abrahams 8th.

Finally we had the 23rd ElBrim-ick dash on Saturday 4th Jan. A record turnout of 80 runners (and a few juniors) enjoyed perfect conditions for running. Ben Hukins won, with John Rocke 2nd and Ben Abrahams 3rd. All a bit fast and furious both for registration and at the finish – if we’re going to get this sort of numbers for our races we should consider routinely setting up a finish funnel. Thanks to Elaine for organising an excellent race.