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Archives for July, 2014

Sweden Sky Race 24, by Colin Russell

Oslo. Bodø. Narvik. Necessary pit-stops en-route to Sweden, a land of good memories, old friends and the inaugural Sweden Sky Race 24. Bjorkliden Fjällby hosted nearly 200 runners for either one or two laps of the 57km/3000m course. The 6pm start ensures everyone gets to experience the midnight sun – head torches superfluous here. For [...]

Salomon Xreid 4th July 2014. Simon Pearce

In the spirit of taking on new adventures, this year’s target has been the Salomon Xreid (www.xreid.com). It is a 123km multi terrain race over the Norwegian Hardangervidda. The race is also sponsored by Red Bull and so the blurb tends to be a little Xtreme, the best claim I found on the website was: [...]