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Archives for April, 2014

First 2014 Tuesday Run – Hill of Fare, by Anita

Too may Cosmics to count for the first “outside” Tuesday run of the year – well more than 25 anyway. Somehow all the cars were squeezed onto the verge or wherever, and everyone rushed off along the track. It was a beautiful sunny evening, lovely for running. Some went straight up Meikle Tap and down, [...]

Skrunce – 1st April 2014 by Chris Tomlin

Word had spread about the local time trial around Tyrebagger and Elrick, the Skrunce. A record number of 85 runners (83 doing 2 laps, 2 doing 1 lap) turned up for the 12th Skrunce, including some Metro punters and other club members. A good start to the hill running season. Conditions were ideal for some [...]