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Archives for February, 2014

Wintry Clachnaben by Anita

All looked quite benign from Glen Dye – just a sprinkling of snow towards the top, not too cold or windy – why was the road closed at Cairn o’Mount?  3 fast boys set off first heading for Mount Battock, main party of 15 set off for Charr, where 2 headed back by the low [...]

Forfar Multi Terrain Half Marathon 2014 by Kev Harper

So why does a low key half marathon sell out in a matter of days? – read on… I must admit to not really enjoying the half distance, but the lure of a ‘multi-terrain’ surface is a bit more interesting for me. I won’t go into details of breakfast (porridge ) but after Baz headed [...]


A MARATHON AND A HALF We thought some of you might be interested in a new challenge – tackling a cross country ski race. These take place all over Europe at this time of year, and vary in length from about 20km – 60km. Often the advertised distance is curtailed due to lack of snow, [...]

Devils Burden 2014 – report by a ‘newbie’ (Debbie Fielding)

I was asked to write a bit about my experiences of the relay from a newbies perspective…well it all began with a 6 O’clock wakeup call on a driech Saturday morning and as we travelled down to Falkland the weather got worse and worse, although the hills we were aiming for were still visible, which [...]

Devils Burden 2014 : View from the Vets…by Rod Campbell

Devil’s Burden 2014: view from the Vets A team of the sick, lame and aged was eventually gathered together and we managed to get to the race and return with a fairly (or is that barely) creditable 75th out of 111 teams; beating the Cosmics Old Wifies by 6 places! My day started at 5:00am [...]