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Wintry Clachnaben by Anita

All looked quite benign from Glen Dye – just a sprinkling of snow towards the top, not too cold or windy – why was the road closed at Cairn o’Mount?  3 fast boys set off first heading for Mount Battock, main party of 15 set off for Charr, where 2 headed back by the low [...]

Forfar Multi Terrain Half Marathon 2014 by Kev Harper

So why does a low key half marathon sell out in a matter of days? – read on… I must admit to not really enjoying the half distance, but the lure of a ‘multi-terrain’ surface is a bit more interesting for me. I won’t go into details of breakfast (porridge ) but after Baz headed [...]


A MARATHON AND A HALF We thought some of you might be interested in a new challenge – tackling a cross country ski race. These take place all over Europe at this time of year, and vary in length from about 20km – 60km. Often the advertised distance is curtailed due to lack of snow, [...]

Devils Burden 2014 – report by a ‘newbie’ (Debbie Fielding)

I was asked to write a bit about my experiences of the relay from a newbies perspective…well it all began with a 6 O’clock wakeup call on a driech Saturday morning and as we travelled down to Falkland the weather got worse and worse, although the hills we were aiming for were still visible, which [...]

Devils Burden 2014 : View from the Vets…by Rod Campbell

Devil’s Burden 2014: view from the Vets A team of the sick, lame and aged was eventually gathered together and we managed to get to the race and return with a fairly (or is that barely) creditable 75th out of 111 teams; beating the Cosmics Old Wifies by 6 places! My day started at 5:00am [...]

Just Another Saturday at Kerloch….By Anita (AKA Star Blogger)

An absolutely glorious day for the first Cosmic club run of 2014, crisp, clear and sunny, and no wind.  I think there were 17 in all, 2 went straight up and down the short side, one was late and had to catch up (well done Mark).  4 fast guys were sent on ahead, leaving 11 [...]

A Cosmic Christmas by Anita

It all kicked off on Tuesday 17th Dec with the Mince Pie Competition at Elaine’s after Ewen’s Parlauf at training. There were 10 varied entries (one was a group one – how does that work?), with more than 20 tasters, compered by Elaine with scoring by Gary resulting in a first win in the event [...]

Saturday Runs… (by Anita)

Cosmic Saturday Run Reports of the demise of the Saturday run seem to be grossly exaggerated! With the completion of the Summer racing, holidays etc we seem to be getting good turnouts again – at least at the ones I’ve been on. Sat 12th October – PREVIEW Monymusk All Terrain Half Marathon – at least [...]

Colin Russell’s Epic TDS Alpine Race Report……

Colin Russell’s TDS Account – 28th August 2013 Goal Setting If you look up Cormet De Roselend on a map you’ll find it’s a high mountain pass in the French Alps. Without any evidence of even a single building there though, it must only be a place people travel through – because what would you [...]

Ben Nevis Race 2012 Report by Anita Hamilton

Ben Nevis 2012 The weather forecast for Saturday’s Ben Nevis race was not too encouraging. It was good that it wasn’t raining at the start, however we gradually climbed into the cloud and rain and although the wind was probably not quite 80 miles per hour at the top, it was still rather unpleasant with [...]