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Cosmics skiing in Dalseter 2018

Cosmics in Dalseter with GB Nordic, March, 2018 9 0′clock in the morning. Off to Norway. The train glided through the snowy landscape on the way to Vinstra and from there we took a minibus through snow and ice covered roads to the Dalseter Hoyfjellhotell. Always ready for some cross-training a group of Cosmics went [...]

Dobbiaco February 2015 – Rod Campbell

“We’ve found some seats together in the other carriage” Sue reluctantly disengaged herself from her conversation with the handsome distinguished foreigner and followed us, protesting all the way to our new seating. We were on our way by train to Innsbruck after a week in Dobbiaco in the Dolomites where we had “competed” in the [...]

Lakes In A Day Race, Why Bother? – Simon Pearce

A normal running year for me tends to be: pick an interesting race or challenge; get enthusiastic about running, enter a few races along the way; tick off the objective. Then… lose motivation, lose the fitness and repeat. Typically I’m done “training” by July, feeling out of shape by September, guilty by October and back [...]

Sweden Sky Race 24, by Colin Russell

Oslo. Bodø. Narvik. Necessary pit-stops en-route to Sweden, a land of good memories, old friends and the inaugural Sweden Sky Race 24. Bjorkliden Fjällby hosted nearly 200 runners for either one or two laps of the 57km/3000m course. The 6pm start ensures everyone gets to experience the midnight sun – head torches superfluous here. For [...]

Salomon Xreid 4th July 2014. Simon Pearce

In the spirit of taking on new adventures, this year’s target has been the Salomon Xreid (www.xreid.com). It is a 123km multi terrain race over the Norwegian Hardangervidda. The race is also sponsored by Red Bull and so the blurb tends to be a little Xtreme, the best claim I found on the website was: [...]

Running on the Deeside watershed, Steve Helmore and Colin Russell

Our route around the Upper Deeside Watershed June 14-15th 2014 The challenge Anyone studying the OS 1:50000 maps of Deeside can’t miss the long dash-dot line which defines the county boundaries in upper Deeside and marks the watershed between the Dee and other river catchments. In the North the Dee/Don watershed is well defined at [...]

Double Cateran, by Mike Raffan

The week after the fling went to brew at the bog which is a small music festival near Inverness sponsored by Brewdog. Whilst standing in the queue I was approached by someone called Steve (and he girlfriend Robin) who was a runner and had also just done the fling. *waves* Hi Steve and Robin. My [...]

Highlander Mountain Marathon, Moidart 2014, by Linda Smith

A grand troop of Cosmics congregated in the location of Hogwarts Express last weekend to see how good their Expelliarmus spell was at disarming opponents to win prizes in the 2014 Moidart Highlander Mountain. The majority of the classes were covered with most taking part in the score category and clearly Ewen and Mike’s advanced [...]

First 2014 Tuesday Run – Hill of Fare, by Anita

Too may Cosmics to count for the first “outside” Tuesday run of the year – well more than 25 anyway. Somehow all the cars were squeezed onto the verge or wherever, and everyone rushed off along the track. It was a beautiful sunny evening, lovely for running. Some went straight up Meikle Tap and down, [...]

Skrunce – 1st April 2014 by Chris Tomlin

Word had spread about the local time trial around Tyrebagger and Elrick, the Skrunce. A record number of 85 runners (83 doing 2 laps, 2 doing 1 lap) turned up for the 12th Skrunce, including some Metro punters and other club members. A good start to the hill running season. Conditions were ideal for some [...]