Morven was a Scottish Championship race this year so there was more competition than usual for the top places. However, Jason ran well to finish 14th. Bob had an excellent uphill race but was taken by Dennis on the descent. Steve’s lungs have obviously recovered well as he finished 39th. Also well done to the Cosmic ladies – Linda, Gillian & Sue who claimed the 2nd ladies team. Results. Photos.

14 Jason Williamson Cosmics M18 00:50:51
18 Dennis McDonald Cosmic M40 00:51:59
23 Bob Sheriden Cosmic M40 00:53:23
30 Richard Lang Cosmics M18 00:55:36
39 Steve Helmore Cosmics M40 00:57:22
53 John Colegrave Cosmics M50 01:01:21
61 Gary Gutteridge Cosmics M50 01:03:11
68 Derek Johnstone Cosmics M40 01:05:55
88 Murray Bryce Cosmics M50 01:12:27
90 Linda Smith Cosmics F40 01:13:12
93 Gillian Clunas Cosmics F40 01:15:51
98 Susan Buchan Cosmics F40 01:19:24

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