Balmedie Beach Bash 16 May 2006

With thanks to Aberdeenshire County Council for access and the Balmedie Ranger Service for their help. Thanks also to Bob Sheridan for checking the course and Keith Robertson, Dan Whitehead, Alan Smith and Hayden Lorimer for collecting in the flags.

Cool but dry. Light wind.

Pos. Name Club Cat. Time
1* Dan Whitehead# Cosmics s 23m44s
2* Mark Johnston Metro mv 25m13s
3* Alan Smith Deeside RR mv 25m35s
4* Scott Young U/A s 25m41s
5 Dennis McDonald Cosmics mv 26m08s
6 Hayden Lorimer HBT s 26m15s
7 Bob Sheridan Cosmics s 26m46s
8 Kevin Bruce Cosmics s 27m14s
9 Colin Larmour Cosmics mv 27m46s
10 Barry Ingram U/A s 28m17s
11 John Palminter Black Combe mv 28m35s
12* Donna Gray Garioch RR f 28m53s
13* Lois Noble Cosmics fv 29m21s
14 Gary Gutteridge Cosmics mv 29m23s
15 Colin Reid Cosmics s 29m28s
16* John Colegrave Cosmics msv 29m35s
17 Peter Robertson Peterhead AC mv 30m18s
18 Sean O’Sullivan Cosmics s 30m49s
19 Mark Anderson Cosmics s 31m11s
20 Rob Irvine Cosmics s 32m16s
21 Ian Duguid Peterhead AC msv 32m30s
22* Fiona Dahl Cosmics f 32m35s
23 Katie Parkin Cosmics f 36m04s
24 Ian Searle Cosmics mv 37m01s
25 Peter Chapman Cosmics s 40m57s
26 Dave Hadden Fleetfeet mv 42m44s
DNF Keith Robertson, Ian MacPherson and Sarah O’Sullivan

  1. If anyone is reading this… could you submit a race report for Balmedie? Just a description of the weather, the runners, the winners, conditions underfoot, the BBQ – whatever.

    Attach comment to results or email me or similar.