Carl 2nd in Calgary Ultra

Things going well over here. I opened my running account at the weekend
with 2nd place in the cross- calgary ultramarathon (55km, 4:08). The
winner was 16 mins in front, while the third placed guy was 4:55. Myself
and the winner also beat all the relay teams, so I’m getting the feeling
the standards are not too high here in spite of the thousands of runners
out at lunchtime! There are lots more races coming up, including the
29km Moose Mountain soon, so should be interesting.

Slowly getting a few running routes worked out. Today I did a
replacement for the Banchory Devenick run – a similar 10 mile route
along the Douglas Fir hiking trail with a lot of ups and downs on steps.
Also found a good place for reps and some shorter runs.
Keep in touch with any race results etc, especially now that dave must
be in the middle of his racing season.

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