Glen Clova 1/2

After a stormy drive down from Aberdeen the sunny skies and snow topped hills of Glen Clova made for a much more scenic day than any but the optimists had hoped for. Plenty of Cosmics decided to give road racing a go since the hill racing season is almost over and this half marathon is certainly a good one for a hill runner – not entirely sure what the height gain is but it must be pretty significant!

Dennis McDonald and Liz Chellingsworth led the Cosmic men and ladies home with good times (especially when you take into account the hills and wind!) and a sterling performance from virgin road racer Rob Brookes who had about 2 days notice (just proves mountain biking can’t be too bad for runners..)

21 Dennis McDonald 85.31
78 Liz Chellingsworth 96.34
83 Rob Brookes (aka Peter Larkin) 97.31
86 Anita Hamilton 97.42
98 Murray Bryce 99.36
119 John Colegrave 102.23
128 Ann Stone 103.08
170 Katie Parkin 109.16

Full results at Forfar runners website and a few photos here.

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