Tyrebagger Trail Runs

Young Fraser Drummond led the whole field at the end of the short lap but wasn’t old enough to be allowed to test the seniors over the long loop.

Alan Fulton’s GPS gave corrected distances for the ammended courses of 1.5 and 5 miles.

Pos. Name Cat. Time
1 Fraser Drummond MJ 9m48s
2 Grace Angus FJ 13m39s
3 Mel Angus FV 13m40s
4 Katie Drummond FJ 18m42s
5 Suzanne Reid FV 18m56s

Pos. Name Cat. Time
1 Colin Larmour MV 34m21s
2 Gary Thomson M 34m46s
3 Steve Helmore MSV 35m24s
4 Neil Dewhirst MV 36m11s
5 Richard Ingram M 39m06s
6 Murray Bryce MSV 39m48s
7 Colin Reid MV 40m51s
8 Wendy Cruikshank FSV 40m57s
9 Gary Morrison MV 41m28s
10 Pauline Larmour FV 42m21s
11 Alan Fulton MSV 43m39s
12 Hannah Kennedy FV 43m53s
13 Gary Gutteridge MSV 43m53s
14 Fiona Mackay FV 44m37s
15 Jackie Morrison F 50m07s
16 David Purvis Retired hurt.

With the prizes being donated the only deductions were for chocolates, flour (to mark course) and juice resulting in a cheque for £131-00 for Children in Need. Well done all.

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