Rocky in the west, hot in the south

Derek and Peter battled it out at Glamaig in the west with Derek just beating Peter to be the first Cosmic home…

47 Derek Johnstone Cosmics 1.28.47 MV
48 Peter Larkin Cosmics 1.30.21 MV

Full results

…while Elaine, Lois, Bob, Rob and Colin headed south to Moffat for a long Scottish championship race in hot conditions.

40 Colin Lamour Cosmics 04.20.53 M40
46 Bob Sheridan Cosmics 04.33.57 M
54 Lois Noble Cosmics 04.47.29 F40
56 Rob Mills Cosmics 04.48.25 M40
60 Elaine Stewart Cosmics 04.53.45 L40

Full results

Last chance for a championship race is Creag Dubh on Sat August 5th.

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