Tyrebagger Trail Runs

The forty runners somehow generated £235.17 income which after deductions for spot prizes, flour (to mark course) and juice resulted in a cheque for £222.34 for Children in Need. Well done all.

SHORT COURSE 2.2.miles
1 John Angus JB 20m24s
2 Fiona McDonald F 23m53s
3 Ruth Rumsey FV 24m25s
4 Pippa Rumsey FJ 26m39s
5 Molly Williams JG 31m17s
6 Rupert Williams MV 31m17s
7 Laura Mackie F 32m22s
8 Leigh Benzie F 34m31s
9 Annie Reid FV 34m32s

LONG COURSE 6+ miles
1 Colin Larmour MV 48m51s
2 Chris Tomlin MV 48m59s
3 Sean O’Sullivan M 50m10s
4 Gary Thomson M 53m35s
5 Gary Gutteridge MSV 53m55s
6 Richard Ingram M 54m26s
7 Anita Hamilton FSV 55m54s
8 Murray Bryce MSV 56m03s
9 Pauline Larmour FV 58m39s
10 Alan Fulton MUV 59m43s
11 Lynsey Johnston F 59m50s
12 Alan Quieley M 59m57s
13 Estelle Gill F 60m47s
14 Elaine Stewart FSV 61m41s
15 Edward Jones M 61m42s
16 Mel Angus MV 61m56s
17 Gillian Clunas FSV 62m04s
18 Ann Smith FV 65m33s
19 Liz Bourne F 66m50s
20 Jim Ross MSV 66m50s
21 Andrew Shanks M 67m48s
22 Anne Stone FSV 68m44s
23 Frances Thomson FV 68m46s
24 Liz Bracegirdle FSV 68m53s
25 Hannah Findlay F 71m14s
26 Angela McKenzie F 71m42
27 Kirsten Harrild F 74m46s
28 Sarah O’Sullivan F 76m56s
29 Linda Carmichael FV 81m23s
30 Stuart Turner M 105m37s
31 Simon Winstanley M 106m41s

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