Cosmic Championships and Glenshee9

The Glenshee9 was the 4th counter for this year’s championship. A good Cosmic turnout of 8 (out of 69 runners) set off from the ski car park. Conditions were good – sunny and clear with a bit of a breeze so not too hot and really amazingly dry underfoot. The field soon spread out and the last you saw of the faster crowd was when they were returning along the ridge from the first top, Craig Leacach.

The first 5 hills were OK, but Gary and I found it a bit of a slog on sore feet back to Cairn an Tuirc then we managed to take a not ideal route on the descent, involving lots of steep rocks and heather before finding the path. We arrived at the cut off check point at Seann Spittal road crossing literally with seconds to spare. The steep climb up Cairn Aosda looked (and was) daunting and about halfway up I realised I was failing badly – guess a combination of not eating and drinking enough and not enough (not any!) long training runs was the cause. Had to watch Gary pull away and sheer bloodymindedness and stupidity led me to actually complete the course – which includes the long trek along the ridge to Carn a Gheoidh (2nd to last hill) and back, when you can just see the last see and the last descent to the cafe just there.

Tom Owens won in a new record time of 3.20.16. Jason ran well to be first Cosmic in 12th place, Matt and Sean both had good runs finishing within a couple of minutes of each other in 25th and 26th place respectively, about 10 minutes behind them were Colin and Ritchie also only a couple of minutes apart in 33rd and 36th places respectively, then Gary in 59th and myself in 61st, a resounding last place (by 20 mins). Thank you to Sean, Colin and Gary for kindly looking after me when I finally made it the finish. Some people were timed out and some including Rob retired – why wasn’t I as sensible? The race was very well organised, a marshal at every checkpoint, all very friendly and helpful – even for the last straggler who was keeping them out on the hill. It’s a great course (apart perhaps from the sadistic inclusion of Carn a Gheoidh) but in poor visibility the navigation would be interesting to say the least and I guess rather more people would be timed out.

So what I want to know guys is – what was the result of the great nipple trial? Were the corn plasters as distributed by Colin (£1.99) as effective as nipple protectors (£4.99 I think)??

Results are here and photos here

See here for updated scores in the Cosmic Championship. Jason still leads from Colin, but Matt has moved up to 3rd place and Ritchie to 4th. I feel almost embarrassed at claiming the female points for my performance…

The next championship race is Tap of Noth next Saturday 15th August, 14.00, from Rhynie Gala, 7.6K and 370m climb. This is always a nice friendly event (and mercifully short), best to get there early if you want any cakes etc from the WI stall – or Colin will already have bought them all!


  1. It was a great event right enough! Very long, sore, tiring but most of all a great sense of achievment at the finish!
    Well done all the Cosmics that did the race. Big effort needed!
    As for the nipple guards! Great buy Colin! I'm defo getting those again! not even a wee bit of chaffing! Richie.