A large Cosmic turn out for Glamaig.

4 0.51.46 Simon Peachey Cosmics m
5 0.54.57 Robert Brooks Cosmics m
27 1.07.37 Sean O’Sullivan Cosmics m
29 1.07.56 Colin Russell Cosmics m
34 1.11.03 Richard Masson Cosmics m
36 1.11.35 Ashley Jamieson Cosmics m50
50 1.15.52 Mathew Brettle Cosmics m
51 1.15.59 Lois Noble Cosmics f40
64 1.20.58 Bruce Manning Cosmics m50
82 1.26.39 Liz Delaney Cosmics f
83 1.27.06 Elaine Stewart Cosmics f50
89 1.28.38 Peter Larkin Cosmics m40
105 1.39.32 Sarah O’Sullivan Cosmics f

Full results on the Carnethy website here and photos on the Cosmic flickr site here.

  1. Anita Hamilton

    And many congratulations to Rob – 5 min faster than last year, Sean – 51/2 min faster, Lois – consistent performance within 17 secs of last year, 2nd lady and 1st F40 again, Elaine – 1st F50 again, but especially to Sarah – a whole 20 mins faster than last year! (shame you don't get Krunce points for it – on improvement points she'd have won the race!) Also well done all Cosmics who finished (or started) the race, great runs by Ritchie and Ashley – and how did Colin manage to be in the results twice over – must be lightening fast?