Ben Nevis report

Ben Nevis 2008 

Four Cosmics lined up for the start of the 2008 Ben Nevis race.  This year it was part of the Buff Skyrunner series so as well as a miniature of Ben Nevis whisky we all got a free buff (it was a nice colour but sadly said Fort William rather than Ben Nevis on it), and there was an international flavour particularly at the front end of the field.
It was a good day for running, sunny but not too hot, maybe a bit of a strong wind.  The top was clagged in – this was my 3rd time and I’ve not got a view yet – still you don’t want to hang around, just hand in your tag to the marshal and start to throw yourself down again.
The race was won by Agusti Roc (Catalan rather than Spanish) in 1.29.12, 13 seconds in front of Rob Jebb (only 4 British men in the top men) and Angela Mudge in 1.47.12 (a minute faster than last year and 6 minutes in front of Stephanie Jimenez of Andorra in 1.53.31 with Dawn Scott (a great run for her) 3rd in 1.56.11.
For Cosmics, Richard Lang made 2.06.52 (his first attempt), Sean O’Sullivan 2.13.55 (8 minutes faster then last year), Anita Hamilton 2.24.34 (4 minutes faster than last year) and Colin Reid 2.50 (again his first time).
At the prize giving the stalwarts of the Ben Nevis Race Association made a valiant attempt at pronouncing the various Spanish (and related) names and were probably already wondering about how to get their trophies back for next year.  See photos.

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