An excellent turnout of cosmics at Glamaig for Rob's birthday run saw some successes – Lois won first lady and Elaine won first F50.

8   Rob Brookes    59m 36s
26 Sean O'Sullivan 1h 11m 54s
30 Bruce Manning  1h 12m 54s
31 Colin Lamour     1h 13m 54s
33 Stuart Hunter     1h 14m 29s
34 Lois Noble          1h 15m 42s
49 Elaine Stewart    1h 24m 30s
60 Gillian Clunas     1h 35m 56s
62 Jenny Boyd        1h 37m 55s
66 Liz Brookes        1h 40m 21s
71 Sarah O'Sullivan 1h 59m 16s

Thanks to all the supporters and party goers!

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