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2 Ben abrahams 307 MS 00:59:25 Cosmics HB
4 Stuart smith 316 MS 01:01:43 Cosmics HB
7 Alex Gaastra 364 MS 01:03:29 Comic Hillbashers
8 Colin Russell 311 MS 01:03:37
10 David marshall 383 MS 01:03:54 Cosmic HB
11 Chris tomlin 308 MV 01:04:06 Cosmic HB
23 Veronquie oldham 317 FV 01:08:28 Cosmic HB
35 Colin Larmour 309 MV 01:11:27 Cosmic HB
80 Rupert Williams 292 MSV 01:22:02 Cosmic HB
99 Elaine Stewart 349 FSV 01:26:20 Cosmics HB
119 Colin Reid 299 MV 01:30:03 Cosmic HB
123 Murray Bryce 257 MSV 01:30:30 Comsmic Hill Bashers
127 Pauline Larmour 310 FV 01:30:48 Cosmics HB
128 Colin Taylor 262 MSV 01:30:59 Cosmic HB


Cosmic Champs 2013

1st Overall is Stuart Smith, so a new name on the shield this year, closely followed by Colin Russell and Chris Tomlin.
1st M40 is Chris Tomlin, 1st M50 is Ian Hamilton.
1st woman is Veronique Oldham, who is also 1st F40, 1st F50 is Anita Hamilton.
43 Cosmics did at least one of the races.

Summer Series

Overall results for the Cosmic Summer series 2013.
1st M David Marshall Cosmic Hillbashers
2nd M Neil Easton Stonehaven Runners
1st M40 Jason Williamson Cosmic Hillbashers
3rd M Peter Henry Deeside Runners
1st M50 David Hirst Deeside Runners
1st F (1st F40) Veronique Oldham Cosmic Hillbashers
2nd F (1st F50) Elaine Stewart Cosmic Hillbashers
3rd F Frances Wright Maroc
2 Juniors completed 3 races.  1st JM was Joseph Wright (Maroc), who was 1st in 3 races for maximum points, 1st JF was Molly Williams (Cosmic Hillbashers).
Prizes will be presented at the Cosmic Hillbashers AGM, or posted out.
Hope you will all come and run in next year’s series.




1 Ben Abrahams Cosmics M 00:47:51
5 Stuart Smith Cosmics M 00:51:56
6 Jason Williamson Cosmics M40 00:52:04
9 Colin Russell Cosmics M 00:53:46
12 Andrew Inglis Cosmics M 00:54:19
20 Steve Addy Cosmics M 01:00:26
27 Sean O’Sullivan Cosmics M 01:01:57
35 Ian Hamilton Cosmics M50 01:05:39
37 Anita Hamilton Cosmics F50 01:05:41
47 Gillian Clunas Cosmics F50 01:13:27
49 Rupert Williams Cosmics M50 01:14:37
55 Malcolm Meech Cosmics M 01:17:28

Full results on SHR here

Report by Deeside Runners here