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Tyrebagger Trail Run

Saturday 24th November
SAL Permit No. 32

A revamped course to avoid log piles and felled areas awaiting tidying up resulted in 7.35 miles for the Seniors and 3.9K for the Juniors. Thanks to Bob, Colin and Steve H. for marking the course, Gillian, Carolyn and Elaine for doing registration, Carolyn, Jonathan John for marshalling, Gillian for officiating and forest Enterprise for access.

Seniors – three laps- 7.35miles
1. Stewart Smith Cosmics M 49m28s
2. Chris Tomlin Cosmics MV 51m27s
3. Alex Gaastru u/a M 52m07s
4. Veronique Oldham Cosmics FV 56m10s
5. Colin Larmour ” MV 57m14s
6. Bob Sheridan ” MV 57m50s
7. Ruth Crowe ” F 60m24s
8. Richard Ingrim Garioch RR MV 61m31s
9. Alexandra Gemie u/a F 62m40s
10. Davy Duncan Ochil HR MSV 65m25s
11. John Macpherson Cosmics MUV 66m26s
12. Bridgid Glasgow ” F 66m29s
13. Gary Gutteridge ” MSV 66m41s
14. Colin Taylor ” MSV 67m09s
15. Pauline Larmour ” FV 68m28s
16. Colin Reid ” MV 71m24s
17. Elaine Stewart ” FSV 71m35s

Two laps – 3.7miles
1. Kate Jones u/a F 46m26s
2. Les Nicol Metro M75 46m58s
3. Jenni Prentice u/a F 53m04s

One lap – 3.9K
1. Emma Martin 3Peaks F 22m34s
2. Daniel Ballarby Cosmics u15M 24m19s
3. Molly Williams ” u15F 30m23s

Special thanks to all who came in fancy dress and to all those who contributed more than the basic entry fee.

Income £159-10
Expenditure £ 10-00 (Spot prizes £5, chocolates £5)

Donation to Children in Need £149-10.

The BEACH BUM PRESENT RUN is on Wednesday 2nd January at 10am

Mailing list for local events is

Dumyat Dash

48 Anilta Hamilton Cosmics F50 01:07:00


Meall a Bhuacaille

33 William Nicolson Cosmics M 01:22:34


OMM 2012


39 Caroline Watt + Lynn Smith

Long Score

113 Elaine Stewart + Michael Hetherton


Dublin Marathon

Two Cosmics running on the road in Dublin

Bob Sheridan 3.14.54

Alan Cormack 3.57


Tap o Noth

Missed earlier

1 Chris Tomlin Cosmics V 00:39:41
2 Stuart Smith Cosmics M 00:41:00
3 Jason Williamson Cosmics V 00:41:24
6 Veronique Oldha Cosmics FV 00:43:51
13 John Colegrave Cosmics SV 00:48:44
18 Stuart Hunter Cosmics V 00:50:15
19 Liz Delany Cosmics S 00:50:37
21 Ian Hamilton Cosmics V 00:52:12
22 Corri Black Cosmics FV 00:52:31
24 Colin Reid Cosmics V 00:54:14
25 Gary Gutteridge Cosmics SV 00:54:51
29 Gillian Clunas Cosmics SV 00:57:33
33 Hannah Kennedy Cosmics SV 01:04:46