Monthly Archives: October 2012

Pentland Skyline

14 Stuart Smith Cosmic Hill Bashers M 02:54:34
79 Veronique Oldham Cosmic Hill Bashers F40 03:25:15
82 Stephen Addy Cosmic Hill Bashers M 03:26:49
88 Richard Lang Cosmic Hill Bashers M40 03:28:07
108 Colin Larmour Cosmic Hill Bashers M40 03:33:34
132 Ruth Crewe Cosmic Hill Bashers F 03:43:18
171 Anita Hamilton Cosmic Hill Bashers F50 03:55:27
201 Elaine Stewart Cosmic Hill Bashers F50 04:10:09
207 Ian Hamilton Cosmic Hill Bashers M50 04:13:50
222 Colin Reid Cosmic Hill Bashers M40 04:20:22



Rob Brookes 0.58.26  3rd M

Chris Hill 0.58.49

Stuart Smith 0.59.46

Kevin Harper 1.00.06

Ben Abrahams 1.02.42

Chris Tomlin 1.03.01  2nd MV

Jason Williamson 1.05.57

William Nicolson 1.08.48

Stephen Addy 1.10.35

Veronique Oldham 1.11.17  1st FV

Matt Brettle 1.12.14

Sonia Armitage 1.13.42  1st FSV

Richard Masson 1.13.49

Sarah McKenzie 1.16.02

Ruth Crewe 1.17.09

Mark Stockton 1.19.20

Corri Black 1.19.57

Rob Irvine 1.20.24

Gary Gutteridge 1.22.04

Colin Reid 1.22.52

Ian Hamilton 1.23.26

Colin Taylor 1.28.17


Cosmic men (Rob, Chris H, Kev)  1st team

Chris Tomlin Aberdeenshire Series winner (Morven, Cairn William, Bennachie)

Sasha Chepelin 1st Junior race 0.19.58

Two Breweries

117 Graeme Cumming MV40 4.59.05

Mendip Way

From the ‘Southern Branch’

T’was a lovely day down yon Mendip way
Not much dryness around, only mud did abound
12.6 miles of race, with it over my face
It didn’t taste good, but was in a good mood
Despite the groans, there’s still life in these bones
Felt quite nifty …. and picked up 1st over 50 :-)