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Round the Castles 1 – Crathes

Numerous Cosmics not broken on Saturday ran around a Castle on Sunday.

Under 11 Boys
18th SAM IRVINE 00:12:25

Senior Women
1st CLARE WHITEHEAD 00:20:08

Veteran Women (35+ for this series)
1st VERONIQUE OLDHAM 00:20:45 1st
9th PAULINE LARMOUR 00:25:15
10th ANN SMITH COSMIC 00:26:19
15th ELAINE STEWART 00:26:47
18th EUGENIE VERNEY 00:28:16

Senior Men
5th ROBERT BROOKES 00:36:15
30th CHRIS CROLY 00:47:59

Veteran Men
5th COLIN LARMOUR 00:40:09
7th ROB COLES 00:41:06
9th STUART HUNTER 00:41:42
16th ROB IRVINE 00:44:05
21st MURRAY BRYCE 00:45:16
31st COLIN TAYLOR 00:46:54
33rd GARY GUTTERIDGE 00:47:28
34th MURRAY CLARK 00:47:39
35th JOHN COLEGRAVE 00:47:55

Full results here

Tyrebagger Trail Runs

The forty runners somehow generated £235.17 income which after deductions for spot prizes, flour (to mark course) and juice resulted in a cheque for £222.34 for Children in Need. Well done all.

SHORT COURSE 2.2.miles
1 John Angus JB 20m24s
2 Fiona McDonald F 23m53s
3 Ruth Rumsey FV 24m25s
4 Pippa Rumsey FJ 26m39s
5 Molly Williams JG 31m17s
6 Rupert Williams MV 31m17s
7 Laura Mackie F 32m22s
8 Leigh Benzie F 34m31s
9 Annie Reid FV 34m32s

LONG COURSE 6+ miles
1 Colin Larmour MV 48m51s
2 Chris Tomlin MV 48m59s
3 Sean O’Sullivan M 50m10s
4 Gary Thomson M 53m35s
5 Gary Gutteridge MSV 53m55s
6 Richard Ingram M 54m26s
7 Anita Hamilton FSV 55m54s
8 Murray Bryce MSV 56m03s
9 Pauline Larmour FV 58m39s
10 Alan Fulton MUV 59m43s
11 Lynsey Johnston F 59m50s
12 Alan Quieley M 59m57s
13 Estelle Gill F 60m47s
14 Elaine Stewart FSV 61m41s
15 Edward Jones M 61m42s
16 Mel Angus MV 61m56s
17 Gillian Clunas FSV 62m04s
18 Ann Smith FV 65m33s
19 Liz Bourne F 66m50s
20 Jim Ross MSV 66m50s
21 Andrew Shanks M 67m48s
22 Anne Stone FSV 68m44s
23 Frances Thomson FV 68m46s
24 Liz Bracegirdle FSV 68m53s
25 Hannah Findlay F 71m14s
26 Angela McKenzie F 71m42
27 Kirsten Harrild F 74m46s
28 Sarah O’Sullivan F 76m56s
29 Linda Carmichael FV 81m23s
30 Stuart Turner M 105m37s
31 Simon Winstanley M 106m41s

Methlick Duathlon

A few Cosmics in action on bikes at the weekend.

15th Steve Helmore 1:10:08 1st MSV
29th Liz Delaney 1:14:22
48th Elaine Stewart 1:20:43 2nd FSV (and a sneaky Fleet Feet registration)
66th Joe Helmore 1:27:28 2nd MJ

Glen Clova Half Marathon

Eugenie Verney completing this one, in a time of 2.00.52 (her watch) or 2.01.18 on the official results.

Edit: And as Eugenie points out also

Rob Irvine 1.36.33
Murray Bryce 1.38.16

Scottish Hill Runners Championship

With the final race completed, the Championship prizes were awarded at the SHR dinner at Badaguish.

Cosmic haul as follows

Clare Whitehead 1st FS

Veronique Oldham 2nd F40

Anita Hamilton 1st F50

1st Female team – Clare Whitehead, Anita Hamilton, Lois Noble

Meall a’ Bhuachaille

Big Cosmic turnout this weekend for the final SHR race and the Do afterwards.

Cosmic results over the new course:

4 Simon Peachey MS 00:53:25
9 Dan Whitehead MS 00:55:25
13 Rob Brooks MS 00:56:16
25 Clare Whitehead FS 00:59:47
33 Dennis MacDonald MV40 01:01:23
58 Veronique Oldham FV40 01:05:39
60 Tim Mackay MS 01:06:03
64 Richard Masson MS 01:06:45
70 Bob Sheridan MV40 01:07:24
74 Sean O’Sullivan MS 01:08:08
91 Colin Larmour MV40 01:10:01
102 Anita Hamilton FV50 01:11:31
105 Gary Gutteridge MV50 01:12:07
128 Lois Noble FV40 01:15:04
137 Colin Reid MV40 01:16:17
142 Elaine Stewart FV50 01:16:46
143 Katy Boocock FV40 01:17:08
150 Colin Taylor MV40 01:18:03
156 Liz Delaney FS 01:19:02
179 Mona Petrie FS 01:24:54
190 Pauline Larmour FV40 01:27:23
205 Sarah O’Sullivan FS 01:34:25

Edit: Moira Grainger’s result removed – She is from Fife not Cosmics (and I really should proof read twice before posting…)