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Several Cosmics and ex Cosmics in action at the OMM this weekend.

A course
21 Bruce Bricknell & Giles Marshall 12:20:32
31 Richard Lang & Alan Gilkison 12:47:28
38 Rob Hickling & Gary Morrison 13:11:39

Long Score
12 635 points Tom Challands & Tony Reid (Hope this is right – the only Challands in the results)

Short Score
118 195 points Sarah O’Sullivan & Clare O’Sullivan

Loch Kinord Off Road 10K

This new event was organised to raise money for the restoration of the  Kinord Hall in Dinnet where the race started and finished.  The course was on road for the first K then on tracks and paths, variously rough, rocky, muddy or grassy, interesting and undulating, and included a stream crossing but no significant hills, all very well marked.  Must do it again with time to take in the scenery sometime. 
The rain held off until after the finish, and a superb tea with soup and cakes was provided in the hall afterwards.  There were 15 Cosmics among the 76 competitors so lots of new Cosmic kit on show. 
Robbie Simpson won in 36.22 and Ruth Mackenzie was first woman in 45.54 (both Deeside runners).  Simon Peachey was 2nd, Anita Hamilton got a box of chocolates for 3rd women (sadly 5 mins behind Ruth though) just behind sometime Cosmic Megan MacRae (now Highland Hillrunners), Pauline Larmour got a cake for 1st female vet, and Cosmics got the female team prize (a bottle of wine each for Liz Delanay, Pauline and Anita). Colin (Larmour) had to make do with a spot prize of a buff, and everyone got a goody bag. 
A very well organised and fun race!

Long Distance Classics and Pentland Skyline

Gary Gutteridge had a great race in the Pentland Skyline on Sun 11th Oct to finish in 3.32.19 to give him 32nd place in the Long Classics series (3rd MV50 I think).  Elaine Stewart also completed the series to be 1st FV50 for the 2nd year running.
Other Cosmic finishers in the Pentland Skyline were Tom Challands in 3.38.40, and Cosmic associate Andy Bain (Maroc) in 3.16.49.


Congratulations Simon Peachey – WMRA Long Distance Challange

Simon Peachey was 20th and member of the bronze medal winning Scottish team in the Kaisermarathon, the WMRA Long Distance Challenge 2009, held on October 10th.  Not for the faint-hearted, the marathon (26.2 miles) starts in the ski resort of Soll at 698m and finishes at the top of Hohe Salve at 1829m.  The route involves a mixture of tarmac, hiking trails and mountain paths with a total of 2160m of ascent culminating in the final steep climb to the finish.


Aberdeenshire Hill Series

Dennis wins Aberdeenshire Hill Series!
Congratulations to Dennis MacDonald on winning the Aberdeenshire Hill Series (based on the combined times for Morven, Cairn William and Bennachie races).  Unfortunately, a mistake was made at the prizegiving last Sunday and they gave it to the wrong person.  Hopefully Dennis will get his just reward soon.


A large Cosmic turnout for the last race of the Champs, taking home several prizes including two team prizes.

3 Robert Brookes MS 01:00:22 3rd Male
6 Jason Williamson MS 01:01:04
8 Dennis Mcdonald MV 01:03:01 3rd Male Vet
14 Richard Lang MV 01:05:17
16 Colin Larmour MV 01:07:54
17 Veronique Oldham FV 01:08:19 1st Female Vet
19 Colin Russell MS 01:08:26
21 Sean O’Sullivan MS 01:08:43
24 Andy Bain MS 01:09:19
28 Ashley Jermieson MSV 01:10:20 2nd Male SuperVet
34 Matt Brettle MS 01:11:26
46 Rob Irvine MV 01:14:57
48 Gary Gutteridge MSV 01:15:51
49 Colin Taylor MV 01:16:03
51 Ian Hamilton MV 01:16:17
59 Anita Hamilton FSV 01:18:48 2nd Female SuperVet
61 Liz Delaney FS 01:19:16
63 Murray Bryce MSV 01:20:12
67 Colin Reid MV 01:22:28
81 Elaine Stewart FSV 01:24:48 3rd Female SuperVet
90 Pauline Larmour FV 01:26:16
93 Ann Smith FV 01:26:59
95 Gillian Clunas FSV 01:27:44
112 Eugenie Verney FSV 01:36:56
118 Sarah O’Sullivan FS 01:48:53

Did I forget any prizes? There were quite a few…

Two Breweries

Four Cosmic runners at the Two Breweries this year.

53 Sean O’Sullivan MSNR 03:53:09
70 Gary Gutteridge MV50 04:07:48
78 Bruce Manning MV50 04:15:56
82 Elaine Stewart FV50 04:19:20 1st F50

And also spotted, sneaking in as an Ilkley Harrier, a former Gramp member.

17 Mark Mon-Williams Ilkley Harriers MV40 03:18:31

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