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Cairn William

A Cosmic winner at Cairn William. Well done Simon.

1 0:46:34 Simon Peachey
10 0:54:36 Dennis McDonald
11 0:57:20 Rob Coles
18 1:02:30 Rob Irvine
19 1:02:41 Matt Brettle
22 1:04:16 Jonathan Bellarby
23 1:04:23 Colin Taylor
30 1:07:20 Dougal Morgan
34 1:11:01 Murray Bryce
40 1:15:40 Ann Smith
45 1:24:08 Eugenie Verney

Commonwealth Championships, Keswick

Clare Whitehead ran for Scotland in the Commonwealth Championships. She took 8th place in the uphill race, helping the Scottish team to take Silver medals.

In the mens up and down race Simon Peachey finished 25th and Robbie Simpson 15th.

Click the post title for a link to the full results.

Edit: See here for SHR photos of the event.

Braemar Gathering (Morrone)

The Whiteheads ran this race, Clare finishing first lady and Dan second man.


Dan and Veronique each taking first, but with Graeme Bartlett (Forres Harriers) and Ruth MacKenzie (Deeside Runners) hot on their heels this time – just one second between first and second in each case!

Jason Williamson was 4th man and Lois Noble was 3rd lady. 12 Cosmics did the race (out of 50).

Third place in the Junior race went to Cosmic-in-training Harris Williamson (M12).

1 Dan Whitehead MS 00:47:10
4 Jason Williamson MS 00:50:06
7 Dennis McDonald MV 00:52:32
14 Rob Coles MSV 00:56:53
15 VĂ©ronique Oldham FV 00:58:25
19 Ashley Jermieson MSV 01:00:05
25 Gary Gutteridge MSV 01:03:34
27 Colin Taylor MV 01:04:33
30 Lois Noble FV 01:05:23
31 Colin Reid MV 01:05:32
35 Bob Elder MSV 01:07:13
44 Ann Smith FV 01:14:51

Deeside Duathlon

Dan and Veronique took first places over what seems to have been a harder course than predicted.

Quote from the organisers on SHR:

“as first woman Veronique Oldham politely said, we may have underestimated the difficulty”

Cosmic times:

1 Dan Whitehead 2.18.08
10 Veronique Oldham 3.41.50
11 Elaine Stewart 3.57.17

Ben Nevis 2009

3 Cosmics did the Ben this year – congratulations to Jason Williamson (1.57.29), Richard Lang (2.05.37) and Stuart Hunter (2.22.28).  Conditions must have been pretty horrible, especially at the top.  For those who want to enter for next year, the web site says entry forms will be available the last week of Jan 2010, so keep an eye out then.


Congratulations also to Simon Peachey for selection to the team for the Commonwealth Championship Up and Down race (albeit under his old allegiance as Carnethy).

Congratulations to Clare – selection for Commonwealth Championship and Krunce record in one week!

Congratulations to Cosmic Clare Whitehead on being selected for the Scottish team for the inaugural Commonwealth Mountain and Ultra Distance Championships.  These take place in Keswick, Cumbria on 17th-20th September and Clare is selected for both the Uphill only Hill race and the Uphill and Downhill race.
Congratulations also to Clare for breaking the Krunce Female record on Tuesday. She finished in 5th place in 24.33 to take 10 secs off her own record from June 2001!