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Beach Bum Kiwi Style

A race report from Bob and Helen in Auckland.

Last Saturday I joined some other mad people doing the North Shore Coastal Challenge.
It was recommeded to me as I race I would like but all I knew was it was 22 km along the coast on the north side of Auckland.
There was a 33 km option but as that involved a swim I avoided it, and the shorter versions didnt see worth it.
I had a look at the winning time for 2008 which at over 2 hours looked slow for the short distance.
The race started at 1 pm to fit in with the tide as the race is literally around the coast, from bay to bay with no path in most places.
The weather for the day was poor with wind and rain which meant it was good for running and the rain didnt matter as we knew we were going in the sea anyway.

The mass start was on the beach and then after only 100 metres it was onto the rocks and into the sea. The first few km’s we most clambering over wet and slippery rocks with regular dips into the sea. Often I couldnt see where my feet were as I was up to my waist in water trying to climb out of the sea.
Eventually we got onto a beach and then from then on it got easier with long stretches on sand with a few headlands to cross.

The last couple of km’s was on the road and then it was over. I managed to survive with only scrapes to fingers and legs but others werent so lucky.

In the long race they had a swim and with the tide going out many had to be rescued by boat before they headed out to sea. Also a friend said she saw someone break their ankel in front of her.
We also had a few mad people doing it in costume which must have been tough.

The above link will show you what we had to do.

Then on the Sunday Helen and I did a charity race here in Auckland along with 70,000 or so people. It ran from downtown Auckland along the seafront and the whole way was heaving with people. Unlike Saturday it was a hot day and we got roasted waiting at the start line.
It was such an important race that our PM John Key was there to start the race but he didnt run.


Bob & Helen

Don’t forget…

The great Cosmic TV appearance! Sunday night BBC Two 9pm.