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Hellish Highlander was too much for some!!

Well done to all those mad Cosmics who ventured out into the wild weather at the weekend in Torridan at the Highlander Mountain Marathon. Dennis tells me he experienced all possible British weathers in a mere 6 and 1/2 hours and while sometimes they were stumbling across moraine in blizzards at other times there were fantastic views of snow-capped mountains.

When you see the proportion of people that did not complete the classes you will be all the more impressed at those who got round!

Full results can be found at

A Class
4th 13:19:07 Jason Williamson & Dennis McDonald

B Class
3rd 14:16:07 Richard Lang & Alan Gilkison
4th 14:28:56 Sean O’Sullivan & John Colegrave

C Class
7th 14:26:04 Ian Hamilton & Colin Larmour