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Glen Clova and Glamaig in one day!

Cosmics and Carnethy (organisers) were busy on Saturday 14th July with two major hill races of the season.

Glamaig was attended by 4 Cosmics, all travelling up a day or two before to enjoy Skye. At the same time, 7 Cosmics went to Glen Clova, which was attended by lots of English and Welsh runners seeking elusive British Championship points. Numbers were swelled from last year’s 16 to more than 100!

Well done Shunter and Jason. Look at for photos (I think all the runners at Glamaig are there!).

Glamaig (68 runners, winning time 49.48)
21st Stewart Hunter 70.38
37th Derek Johnstone 79.45
41st Lois Noble 81.50
46th Peter Larkin 89.47

Glen Clova (106 runners, winning time 2.39.09)
36th Jason Williamson 3.16.13
69th Scuz Wingrove 3.53.32
79th Gary Gutteridge 4.08.57
88th Sean O’Sullivan 4.24.17
91st Anita Hamilton 4.28.54
92nd Elaine Stewart 4.31.52
96th Linda Smith 4.53.21

Cosmic Champs 2007 – interim results

Keep posted for more results following the next race.