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Bennachie Duathlon

Congratulations to Dan Whitehead for a well deserved 1st place at the Bennachie Duathlon today. Keith Robertson also had a great time finishing in 4th place and Keith Varney is on fine form cruising in to 5th place overall and 1st supervet. Good performances from plenty of other Cosmics including Steve Helmore (made the start this time!), Dennis McDonald, Colin Larmour, Sean O’Sullivan and Elaine Stewart. Also well done to Sarah for completing the novice course in fine style and to Peter Larkin for winning the race to the tea shop!
See the race website for results and click here for photos of some Cosmics – some of you were just too fast to be caught on camera!

Tap O Noth

Well done to Jason Williamson for a decisive victory at Tap O Noth this weekend with Keith Robertson in 2nd place. Anita Hamilton ran a strong race to finish 3rd lady to add to her birthday celebrations. Well done to all the other Cosmics that ran – a great turn out of 21 Cosmic runners. Will there be any changes to the top positions in the Cosmic championship?…

See the SHR website for full results and click here for Ziggie’s photos.

Cairn Mon-Earn Race Results

Cairn Mon-Earn Race
Tuesday August 15 2006

A short race up to the summit of Cairn Mon-Earn and straight back down – hampered slightly by the bracken jungle, it was an advantage being near the back! The route was slightly longer than the original 2003 route because we took in the summit cairn. Many thanks to Margaret Stafford, Ewen Rennie and Ziggie(!) for their help in marshalling, registering and collecting flags and to the Forestry Commission for giving us permission to hold the event. First few photos are here.

Pos Time No. First Surname Club Class
1 18.13 22 Dan Whitehead Cosmics M
2 18.56 286 Jason Williamson Cosmics M
3 19.37 23 Keith Robertson Cosmics MV
4 19.43 134 Dan Gooch Deeside M
5 19.45 285 Carl Pryce Cosmics MV
6 20.23 3 David Hirst Deeside MV
7 20.52 434 Steven Helmore Cosmics MV
8 21.20 288 Gary Brindley U/A MV
9 22.14 281 Stuart Hunter Cosmics MV
10 22.27 12 Colin Larmour Cosmics MV
11 22.28 6 Rob Mills Cosmics MV
12 22.28 56 Ashley Jermieson Cosmics MSV
13 22.58 284 Peter Larkin Cosmics MV
14 23.13 11 David Sullivan Deeside MSV
15 23.15 13 Colin Reid Cosmics M
16 23.15 28 Sean O’Sullivan Cosmics M
17 23.16 9 Gary Gutteridge Cosmics MSV
18 24.07 283 Derek Johnstone Cosmics MV
19 24.48 4 Ben Preece Deeside MSV
20 24.49 69 John Colegrave Cosmics MSV
21 26.33 14 Murray Clark Cosmics MSV
22 27.10 254 Elaine Stewart Cosmics FV
23 28.19 132 Alfred McKay Cosmics MSV
24 31.40 Natalie White Cosmics F
25 35.30 115 Sarah O’Sullivan Cosmics F

Creag Dubh

It was a warm start to the Creag Dubh Highland Games race at Newtonmore but we were cooled down slightly by the rocky river crossing before the short sharp hike up the hill. The Cosmic girls strode up the hill in pelaton formation led at various points by Anita and Lois but Shelly was in the lead at the summit! I managed to stretch out my legs on the downhill and eventually caught Shelley half way down. All the Cosmic girls finished in strong positions although needless to say as it was a British championship race we weren’t in the running for any prizes. Dennis and Bob also enjoyed their runs although unfortunately due to some chaotic time taking at the finish Bob hasn’t quite appeared in the results yet… After the race Dick Wall managed to persuade lots of runners to enter the relay event. It’s not often the Carnethy girls team are beaten but this obviously wasn’t their speciality! Inverness Harriers were the clear winners but Westies also had a good result.

Results and photos at SHR, and Carnethy and Forres Harriers.

A Cosmic at the World Orienteering Champs..

Well done to Jon Duncan who was again competing in the World Orienteering championships, this year in Denmark. He was 18th in the middle distance, 17th in the long distance final and ran a storming first leg in the relay (he was 2nd fastest for his course) helping Great Britain’s mens team to 14th place overall. Click here for photos of Jon in action.

The 16th KRUNCE SERIES (96th race)

Tuesday 1st August 2006 – 3.5miles,500feet

With thanks to Janet Rennie for officiating, to Jason Williamson for clearing the course and to Forest Enterprise for access. A mild evening and pretty dry underfoot

Again a modal percentage of 100 but with big improvers and losers!

Name Cat. Time Total Points

1 Dan Whitehead s 22-03 7
2 Jason Williamson s* 24-11 15
3 Keith Robertson s 24-24 3
4 Carl Pryce mv* 24-29 14
5 Alan Smith mv* 24-43 22
6 Dennis McDonald mv* 24-59 14
7 Jonathan Bellarby s* 25-11 3
8 Barry Ingram s 25-39 8
9 Rowan Frost jm 25-55 0
10 Steve Helmore mv 26-01 0
11 Colin Larmour mv* 26-09 22
12 Scuz Wingrove f 26-13 3
13 Ian Wilson s 26-29 6
14 Chris Jessiman s 26-53 14
15 Stuart Hunter mv* 27-42 7
16 Hamish MacDonald mv* 27-52 19
17 Peter Larkin mv* 27-52 14
18 Gordon Scott mv 28-13 18
19 Colin Reid s 28-15 14
20 Sean O’Sullivan s 28-43 5
21 Murray Bryce msv* 28-51 16
22 Gary Gutteridge msv* 29-05 1
23 Rob Irvine s 29-13 20
24 David Duncan msv 29-25 0
25 Hilary Armitage jf* 29-28 3
26 Doug Leiper mv 29-30 17
27 Colin Taylor mv* 29-33 14
28 Arnie Mouat msv 29-36 15
29 Gavin Calder m 29-49 0
30 Derek Johnstone mv 29-54 20
31 Anita Hamilton fv* 30-44 3
32 Katie Parkin f 31-14 17
33 Alastair Leiper mv* 31-16 19
34 Fiona Dahl f* 32-11 6
35 Elaine Stewart fv* 32-16 22
36 Murray Clark mv 32-22 4
37 Gillian Clunas fv 33-50 14