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Ramsay Round Attempt (from July)

Ramsay Round 1 Jim Paxman 0

Clockwise. Set off in extreme heat (12:30pm) and was struggling before the top of the Ben. Water in bottles quickly became too warm to be satisfying and eating sufficient food (normally one of my strengths) was beyond me in the heat. Lost more time climbing Aonoch Mor. I put in a big effort along the Grey Corries to try to stay in the game until the cool of the night. In doing so I used up a lot of petrol and, having not taken enough fuel on board in the meantime, the wheels came right off on the next big climb up on to the Easains where I gave up and walked in to Fersit. There were 2 other contenders who both got further but neither completed. I never thought that I’d ever say this about Scottish weather, but it was too good. I’ll be back!